With your eyes wide in a starry display
In a delicate dancing array
A gentle smile upon your trembling lips
With rhythm of lies you sway

But deep down inside where none can see
Are the shadows that you'll always be
The tainted tears that never stop flowin'
The wounds that ooze for your family

You listen to the lies they told you
Because you've got nothing left to pull you through
What's the point in never pretending
No one's paying attention to you

Your smiles were tipped with rue underlay
And you've always wonder as you took your life away
Would there be anyone to mourn you
As you wished they always would, in that loving way

And in the darkness of your qualm
You watch the blood flow over your palm
And know your life's all through
For the aching blood's finally the numbing balm

Fallen you have now, down so far
You've slipped through the cracks ajar
Too far below to hear my call
So far under I can't catch you alar

What's the point in all this pretending
Now everyone's paying attention to you