Chapter 1


God! Does school ever suck! With life and teen angst thrown in why shouldn't every teen be expecting a wonderful high school experience? Boy, am I a happy camper!…COUGH!…

"First day of school. Brand new neighborhood, brand new school, campus, 'cliques', arrogant ass headed people…" I muttered to myself as I walked out of my room. I checked my hair in the hall mirror as I passed and sighed as I saw that it looked as if I had actually spent time on it again. I'm not the type of person to spend excess amounts of time primping for first impressions, unless for important first impressions, the first day of school not being on my list of important impressions, or for any reason for that matter. I just don't see the point of wasting so much of your life on looks if you have to fake them with layers of makeup, and because I'm too lazy. Also people say that I don't need it. My parents never pass up a chance to say that I look TOO fake, if I put on excessive amounts of makeup. So I put on just enough to emphasize the things I want to emphasize. My eyes being the thing I prize the most. They are a dark periwinkle/violet color depending on my mood and today the thick line of black eyeliner emphasized the random, odd spots of silver. Of course you could only tell the flecks were silver if you actually looked at me in the eyes, (which not many people do) and managed to keep eye contact for more than a few seconds.

My hair on the other hand, just has a mind of its own. It never wanted to compromise. You either liked it the way it was, or you drove yourself to a brink of a mental breakdown trying to fix it. Half the time I forgot that I even had hair so it never bothered me. Today, surprisingly, it looked just right with my outfit. It was perfectly mussed, not straight enough to look as if I had straightened it and not too unruly either. I had made sure it was going to stay by putting gel in it. It was wavy today all the way to my upper back, which was where my shaggy, choppy layers ended, just below my shoulder blades. The double tones that I had begged for, were super visible today and they set off the color of my shirt.

My clothes on the other hand, are an entirely different story. They are the only things I take a significant amount of time on. That amount of time taking a max of a half-hour, but even so more than my face and hair combined at the least, remember. Today my outfit was pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. My forest green knee-faded velvet pants, almost matched my dark blue-ish navy/black thick strapped tank top. A vintage yellow scarf used as a belt and my knee high red suede boots completed and perfected the ensemble. A very good 'pro' about this new school was the 'no-dress code but within good taste' rule.

"Well lovey don't you look spiffy today." I said to myself as I finished my inspection in the mirror and continued down the hall. "No more than usual…hmmm actually now that you pointed it out I do look rather good don't I? Oh yes! Very much so. Spiffy, awe inspiring, trend-changing, mouth dropping… the list could go on and on. Oh now stop that you really are too flattering! Oh most certainly not! Those dumb-nuts at the smelly educational center won't have a clue what hit them. Now that's really quite enough, you're abashing me! I really am not that good looking. You adorn my defects much too well. I am really rather beginning to believe you, you spoil me too much…"

"Only because you're talking to yourself, I may be so kind as to point out."

"Well thanks, oh caring father of mine, doesn't that make my morale shoot right through the roof?" I said walking into the kitchen.

"Well it should. You really shouldn't talk to yourself so animatedly, your mother and I thought that we had accumulated another child overnight."

"Well it could always be a good trait." I laughed. I have a habit of talking to myself and filling in holes in conversations with my own thoughts then forgetting that I'm actually talking to another person. Yes I suppose you could say that I'm insane… But then again I find myself very good company. I would never go insane in solitary confinement!

"So looking forward to school today my favorite schizophrenic daughter?" My dad asked.

"Oh happy day YES!" I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm, "By the way I'm your only daughter." I reminded my dad.

"Ah but that's only what you think." He said as my brother walked in.

"Gee dad, how considerate of you to give away my secret without my consent." My brother Geoff said as he walked over to get toast from my mom.

"No problem sonny!" my dad said in a breathy old man's voice, than hackled like one. 'Hackling' being one of my father's oddly distinguished qualities, a mixture between hacking and laughing. He was really rather good at it.

"You three are crazy," my mom said.

"Only because we live with you and that's how you brought us up mommy greatest." My brother said while taking a bite of toast. My family is pretty loose and fun. You could say we were a 'perfect family' but you wouldn't even be close to the truth. We are a WICKED family.

"Nice outfit Sweets," my brother said to me "planning on going into public like that?" He got a juice box thrown at his head for that. He caught it.

"Yes I am!" I said, knowing he was only joking. He and I are only a year and a half apart which is why we are so close. "I should inform you, it being my sisterly duty and all, that I am much more creative and better dressed than you. You conformist." I said sticking my tongue out at him and eyeing his typical outfit. The kind he wore to show off his muscular body. A fitted black T-shirt with two white handprints on the front and a shoe print on the back (mine, it had been a birthday present). He wore long beige cargo shorts with it and to top it all off, a baseball cap covering his dark curls.

"Well my brain being so much less developed then yours," he said rolling his eyes at my tongue, "it was the best I could come up with." We all laughed at that, except Geoff who pretended to look dejected, than continued with his cramming of toast into his mouth. I went and got my toast from my mom and we all continued doing what we had been doing in a comfortable silence. My mom continuing to make our lunches, a yearly first-day-of-school ritual, my dad, reading a book, and Geoff and I eating.

After a while Geoff asked if I needed a ride to school.

"Nah," I said, "I think Laurel and I are going to take the bus. The girl across the street." I supplied to his blank stare when I mentioned Laurel.

"Laurel eh?" he said pensively to himself, "pretty." I winked at him,

"Don't go getting any ideas, she's my friend" I warned with a smile.

"Duh? What mean i-, id- ideas?" he said in a primitive caveman language with a grunt at the end. "I was just thinking, no law against that. Am I wrong?" I just smiled at him again.

"Well I better be going," I said "I told Laurel I'd meet her before the bus." I walked over to my mom to get my lunch. "Thanks, bye" I said while giving her a kiss. "Bye dad," I said kissing him too. "See ya at school Luv." I said to Geoff using my pet name for him. I left the kitchen.

"Hey, wait up!" Geoff yelled, "I'll walk you out." I heard him saying bye to mom and dad then heard him scurry around getting his bag. I picked up my antique army side bag and headed outside. I saw Laurel across the street coming out her door and waved. She waved back and started down her walk to the road. She got to my lawn before me since I had to wait for my brother. She was a super nice girl. I had met her the day after we moved in and we had become good friends. I had met a couple of her other friends and we had all got along super well.

"Hey Sher, you look great!" she said when we got to her "Hey." She said to my brother.

"Oh this is Geoff," I said, "Geoff, Laurel." They hadn't met during the summer because every time Laurel had come over Geoff had been on his way out or asleep.

"Nice to finally meet you." She said smiling and blushed, almost imperceptibly when he held out his hand.

"You too." He replied, smiling impishly. "Well I best be off. Sweets said you guys were planning on taking the bus so I guess I'll see you at school."

"Sweets?" Laurel asked me questioningly

"I couldn't say my name when I was little and he has seemed to forget that he couldn't either." I said giving Geoff a look of death, "I called myself Suh-weese, and he just shortened it to Sweets. Don't you even think about it." I added seeing the mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Laurel laughed, "Cute! Well the uh- bus isn't that um- amusing or a big deal. So why don't we just re-take your brother's offer?" she semi stuttered.

"That would be cool," Geoff said "showing up the first day with two bee-utiful girls on my arms would boost me way up there in the 'popular' area." he said winking. We laughed and got in.