A/N: Hi! This is my first story and i'm kinda sorry about the format, i'll try and get that fixed. This story contains Slash, language, and off-screen violence. it's your typical high-school slash story. Brief Notes: ... POV change.

You laugh because I'm different; I laugh because you're the same.

Chapter 1

"Freak! Queen! Columbine!" Their shouts echo through the hallway. Pulling my collar up higher, I sigh and head towards my homeroom, where whispers and secretive glances abound.

"Hi.", one girl says with a fake smile plastered on her face.

I look at her for a while, and smile, revealing sharp fangs. She squeals and turns back towards her friends, jabbering in their tongue. I laugh and they all turn and glare at me.

"Damn Gothic fairy", their leader curses at me.

I put on an innocent look. "Who? Me?"

They whine, "Mrs. Shalani! He's being mean."

"They started it.", I respond, knowing I'm being childish

"Let's not start this again. Susan, you'll just have to move, I need to make room for our new student anyways."

I lean back and listen to the cliché mutterings that occur whenever this happens, it happened with me too, except when I walked in. I smile at the memory

Susan notices this, and calls out, "Better keep the new kid away from Citty; we don't need another fag, do we?"

I growl. The teacher notices the comment and reprimands her. I chuckle evilly. They turn and glare at me, again.

While this is going on, the door opens. Almost automatically, all heads turn. Mine follows lazily, thoughts of someone actually accepting me flit around, as though impaired. Those thoughts were long gone the minute I stepped into this school. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the popular girls already plotting to find a way to get him in their clutches.

Mrs. Shalani smiles, "Class, this is our new student, Alexander Reos. Mr. Reos, you may sit next to Citiv there, Citiv could you raise your hand. Thank you."

I see Diana lean over and whisper something to the new kid. His eyes go wide as he follows her gaze, finally coming to rest on me. I stare and slowly lift my upper lip, revealing a very sharp tooth. The new kid squeaks, and looks towards Mrs. Shalani. She smiles and ushers him on. My eyes follow his every movement. He gulps as he sits down, pulling out something shiny. I look over and sigh. "Just for the record, kiddo, crosses don't work on me."

He looks up and squeaks, again," Wha-what?"

"1. I'm not a vampire and 2. Don't go near that group of girls over there."

'Why not? They seem nice."

"Yeah, like a rabid raccoon seems cuddly. If they find anything out about you, they take in their little pink claws, twist 'til it's distorted, and then proceed to make your school career hell. I should know, they did it to me.", I say, watching his face fall.

The bell rings, and like little sheep, we head off, Alexander far, far ahead of me.

Shoving my way through the halls, I head to my second period class. Yay! Honors History, note the sarcasm. At least the teacher's cool. Along the way, I hear shouting, and-being the violence lover I am-decide to check it out. "Where's your boyfriend at, huh Alexa? Did he dump you already? We're here to set you straight. If you know what's good for you, you'll stop hanging around that freak."

My ears perk up. That sounds like, no; it is Andrew, jock extraordinaire, and his gang of cronies. Oh joy. More shouting is heard," No! Stop! Ow that hurts!" Sounds like the new kid's in trouble .Ah well, guess I'll rescue him anyway. Running towards the small gang, I shout "Hey Andrew! Leave him be!" And prepare myself for the obvious taunts ahead.

"Oh look Alexa, it's your boyfriend in his fairy armor, and he's come to rescue you! How sweet."

"You jerk." I growl and shove Alex out of the way.

"Is the Goth fairy gonna hit me? Oh no! Please don't hurt me!" Andrew taunts.

He didn't even see it coming.

Andrew looks at me, blood dripping down his face. "You hit me. You fucking hit me. I'm gonna make your life a living hell from now on ", he threatens, before turning and running to find a teacher. I kneel down towards Alex," Hey? You okay?" He looks at me and buries his face into my chest. I hold him as he sobs, wrapping my arms around him. After five minutes or so, Andrew comes back with a teacher. I suppress a squeal of joy at his face.

"Mr. Sray, you again? What have you done this time?" the teacher, Mr. Thapan, sighs, looking down at me.

"With all due respect, Mr.Thapan, sir, Andrew here was beating up an innocent student and I merely stopped him."

"Innocent student my ass! He's a queer, just like you!" Andrew yells, glaring at us.

I stand up, Alex clutching my coat. "I'm taking him to the bathroom to clean up and there's nothing you can do about it." I find myself saying, coldly. Gently unclenching Alex's hands from my coat, I lift him up and lead him to the bathroom. Sitting him on a toilet seat, I turn towards the sink and begin to wet some paper towels. "Where's it hurt?" I ask a rare tender smile on my face.

He answers, "Here and here and here." wincing.

"Poor baby' I say, wiping his face with a towel. "Feel better?"

He nods. I ask, "What happened? He didn't beat you up for no reason did he? "

I sigh and lift his head up, "Alex, answer me, did he?"

He whispers, "Yes", tears filling his eyes.

"That sorry fucking excuse for a human being. How dare he?" I curse, before turning to make him pay.

'Wait. Citiv. Don't leave me...please. Please." Alex begs, grabbing a hold of my coat. I look down and smile.

Sitting down, I pull him into my lap, murmuring, "Don't worry, Ally, I won't leave. I promise."

"Okay" he says, sniffling, and burying his face into my chest. A Better than Ezra song finds its way into my brain, "Three and a half minutes of happiness felt like a lifetime." How true, I muse, smiling and looking down at Ally whose still in my arms. He shivers and cuddles closer. I glance at the clock and realize that I'll be late for my third period class, and so will he. "Ally? Ally, wake up, we're gonna be late for third period."

"Five more minutes, Mommy," he mumbles. I smile; damn I'm smiling a lot today, and shake him awake.

Yawning, Ally looks around," What class is this again?"

Chuckling, I answer, "English, with Mr. Braden, our third period."

"Oh" He pauses "Where do you sit?"

"In the corner. Yeah I'm the cliché lonely Goth kid with no friends and whom everyone hates yet they all secretly want to be me."

Ally laughs, "Delusions of grandeur, huh sweetheart?"

"You know I'm great but you just refuse to admit it."

"So true. So true."

A yell startles me out my thoughts, "Look it's the fags! God I can't stand those two! Don't they just make you sick Sherry?"

"Like totally. They should just, like stay in the closet or like go to special schools." Andrew's girlfriend says.

I glare." Oh, look it's the breeders. So Andrew, how many other girls have you knocked up? I mean besides the dozens of freshmen you shove your tongue down regularly." I respond. Ally giggles into my shoulder.

"Why you little-!" One of Andrew's cronies, Brad, starts. Before he can finish, Mr. Braden walks into the room. "I've been told we have a new student, Alexander Reos. Right?"

Ally nods. "Well why don't you introduce yourself to the class?"

"Um okay. My name is Alexander Reos, you can call me Alex, and, uh, I just moved here with my mom, and youngest brother Nelson. My two oldest brothers, Blake and Daine, are in college at St.John's and, uh, I really don't know what to say-" He looks at Mr. Braden for encouragement. "What about your interests?" the teacher prompts. I hear a whisper in the background, "His interests include: gay porn, looking at hot studly male bodies, and getting it in the ass.", and sigh. Bastards.

"Oh yeah, forgot about that, Well my interests include: surfing the web, RPGs, and, um well, that's about it actually." Alex says, blushing.

"Interesting,." Mr. Braden asks.

" Not really."Alex says, going to sit down and then realizing he has nowhere to sit." Um, Mr. Braden, where am I going to sit?"

Diana squeals, "He can sit with us Mr. Braden!"

"Well there you go Mr. Reos; these lovely ladies have allowed you to sit with them."

Alex starts," But I-"

"Nonsense, sit down."

He answers "Fine", giving me one last glance before they pull him into their hideously long pink clutches.

"Oooh. Alexander, you're so like sexy! Can we like call you Xander?" Kate asks, playing with his hair.

"Why?" he questions, looking at her suspiciously.

''Cause Xander is like a totally sexy name and you're sexy so it like fits," she replies, giggling.

"I prefer Alex or-"

"I know! We can like call you Ally! It's like the best name ever and it sounds like so cute." Becky interrupts.

"No! Not Ally please. Call me anything else but please don't call me Ally." he cries out, eyes subtlety glancing to where I am. I smirk. He glares.

"Okay but can I tell you the Goth kid over there, don't go near him. He's bad," she says, before the bell rings.

Making my way through the crowds I manage to catch up with him." So Ally," I ask, trying to catch my breath. "How'd you get out of their clutches? Did you use special powers, or do you just have really bad B.O.?" I continue, grinning.

He laughs and shrugs, wondering, "What class do you have next?"

"Lunch.", I answer. "What about you?"

Pulling out his schedule, he agrees, "So do I. Do you think I could sit with you? I don't really like those girls. They're creepy and they touched my hair."

"Poor thing. Did those mean girls molest you? Do you want the Goth boy to make it all better?"

"You're mean."

"It's how I survive in this school." I say, sighing.

"Hey look it's the two fucking queers! You bitches pollute our school", one of the upperclassmen yell. I sigh and sing under my breath "Blame us because we are who we are. Hate us because you'll never get that far" Ally smiles. Heading into the cafeteria, Ally asks where my usual table is. I show him, in the very back corner, surrounded by no one. Except empty trashcans. He also asks if I have any friends. I shake my head. Not even the geeks like me, which is sad. Does it look like I have any friends? I ask him the same question, and wonder why he moved here.

"We moved here from Rhode Island to be closer to my older brothers, at least that's what my mom told me, and when we lived up there, I had friends. A whole group of them, we'd spend Saturdays just hanging out at the mall and stuff. ", he says, face lighting up." Oh. Oops, sorry. I forgot."

"S'okay.", I said, staring at my feet." I want you around. Does that worry you?"

He stares at me blankly.

I laugh. "Sorry, it's a Better than Ezra song. Have you heard of them? They're good."

"My brother likes them. Do you have any of their CDs?"

"Do I ever! Uh, I mean yeah. Wanna listen to one?" I ask, pulling out a CD player.

He smiles, "Sure"

"Wow. They're good," he says, staring at the CD cover. "Can I borrow this? I mean, unless it's your only copy-"

"Sure you can borrow it.", I say, cutting him off.

We silently eat our lunch, waiting for the bell to ring. It rings and he asks me what class I have next.

"Guitar. It sucks. Nothing but prissy girls and rapper wannabes. I'm the only real one on guitar. All the others are there for the metal-punk- pop shit they hear now, like Good Charlotte, who aren't that bad, unless you've heard a junior's rendition of 'I Heard you,' which is a good song. I hate seeing it ruined. I guess I'm kind of rambling now huh. So what about you?" I ask kind of blushing.

"I have Art 1. It's room 212. Do you know where that is?"

"Yeah, you go down this hallway, turn right, and it's the fifth door on your left. Got that?" I respond, laughing.

"Are you sure?"

"Would I lie to you, now at least?"

"I guess not."

"Good luck!" I call over my shoulder, running.

Alex's POV

This has been one interesting first day so far. I've tangoed-heh "tangoed"-with popular girls. Creepy, creepy, creepy. And I've met a cool guy. I wonder what Art'll be like. I think right before I walk into the door. Literally.

"Whoa there. Wouldn't want to hurt yourself would ya?" a voice says. "Oh by the way, I'm the art teacher, Mrs. Snazzili. But you can call me Jhena," she says, laughing.

"Okay. I'm Alex Reos, the new student."

"Pleased to meet you. You can sit wherever you like." she says, smiling.

I smile back and head to my new seat. I turn to the girl next to me and ask, "Aren't you in Mr. Braden's English class?" She looks up, a smudge of red paint on her cheek, and nods, saying, "I remember you; you were with that group of popular girls and the Goth bastard."

"You mean Citiv? He seemed nice." I answer, wondering if she knew any other Goths.

"Yes I mean Citiv. He is a bastard. My sister liked him for a while so he was always around until she found out he liked boys. Then I never saw him again and that was fine with me. I didn't like him anyway. He was too sarcastic and cynical for me. And he was a fag. That did it for me. I have some friends who are lesbian and stuff and that's fine with me 'cuz they're like my friends an' all," she says, turning back to her painting.

I sigh and turn to the blank canvas before me. Glaring at the girl next to me, I begin to paint.

Citiv's POV

I wonder how Alex is doing. Jhena's a cool teacher, from what I've heard. Taking my guitar, I begin to strum, just random notes mostly.

Dimitris comes over, with his girlfriend L'shain, "Hey you Goth fairy. Are you writing a love ballad to your sweetie?" he taunts.

"And what if I am? What are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna go complain to the teacher 'Teacher teacher Citiv's expressing creativity towards someone he loves' cause heaven and hell forbid I show one thread of originality in this school!", I retort, laughing at his face. "Whassa matter? Did I use too many big words that your little brain can't handle? Too bad!" And I turn back to my guitar, no longer random notes but some melody forming. Grabbing a pen and piece of paper, I write it down. Still laughing to myself, I look over the notes I'd written and words began forming in my brain. I look up and see Dimitris muttering something to his posse. I wave and blow him a kiss, mouthing," I'll see you after class sweetie." His eyes widen, and then narrow in anger. I chuckle evilly. The bell rings.

Alex's POV

Adding some red to my painting, I pause and look back. "That looks good. Alex. Kind of romantic abstract huh? The black looks really good with the red and blue." I jump up startled. "Oh hi Jhena, I'm working on it for a friend of mine." She smiles and goes to chat with the girl next to me. I glance over at her painting. Pfft, unicorns, dripping ...blood. Odd. Must watch out for that one. The bell rings.

Citiv's POV

I smile waiting outside the art room. Deciding to peek in, I get a glimpse of Alex, standing near a girl, who doesn't look pleased. I decide to investigate and along the way, I catch bits and pieces of their conversation.

"Oi! Female chick with 'tails and unicorns!" I call, walking into the room.

She looks up. "Citiva! Why in the hell are you here? Come to pick up your boyfriend?" she says, jeering.

I glare at her. "And if I am? I rather wonder why you, a junior,would bother spilling your homophobic, self-centered, racist little theories to a mere innocent freshman. Unless of course you're trying to get him to subscribe?"

Alex interrupts, shuffling his feet "Uh Citiv. I was just sort of wondering why you're here? You aren't here to pick me up, are you?"

I look at him, a small smile coming to my face, "Of course. You need to know where your next class is, don't you?"

The teacher steps in, "All right people. Let's break it up and get to class. Oh and Dania I want to see you after class. Now."

"Fine.", she sulks off.

I mock-cheer. "Score one for the gay guy! Come on Ally! Let's get to Algebra class!" I head off, Alex trailing behind me.

"Who's the Algebra teacher?" Alex asks, smiling now.

"Mr. Thapan.", I answer, silently cursing.

"Was he that one teacher that-", Alex starts.

I nod, grimly. "Yes he was. I personally think he hates me, even though I'm passing his class."

"Oh." He pauses. "Why?"

"I don't know. He's not a hard teacher actually. Just pay attention for the first ten minutes and you'll be fine. The last thirty-five he holds these long chats with his personal favorite students, of which I'm not one."

We walk silently for a while, until we come to his door. "Welcome to Mr.Thapan's Algebra class. Where the stupid are rewarded and the gifted are humiliated and punished." I mutter.

Alex looks up. "Can I sit with you?"

I smile, "Sure."

The devil-I mean Mr.Thapan, comes over to us. "Ah, you must be the new student, Alexander Reos, am I correct?"

"Y-yes sir." Alex says, staring up at Mr. Thapan.

"No need to be frightened of me my boy. I don't bite. Much." he answers, smiling. "Do you have a place to sit Mr. Reos?"

"Yes sir. With Citiv, over there." Alex says.

"Well then get there. Class is about to start." Mr.Thapan says, walking to the blackboard.

"Okay.", Alex says, sitting down next to me.

"All right class. Today we will be learning about systems and how to do something with them. Oh yes, how to multiply them. Now for classwork you will be doing page 350-352 #2-40, even numbers only and #56-70, odd numbers only. And for homework, page 600 # 23-45. You are to show work." he finishes, looking at me, for some odd reason. I smirk. Alex looks at me.

"Does he always give that much work? Or is this just because he doesn't like you?"

"Little from column A, a little from column B."

Laughing, he continues to work until the bell rings.

"What's our next class?" he asks, massaging his right hand.

"Poor Alex. Not used to all that writing. Oh, and to answer your question, we have Latin, the best language ever spoken, written, or thought, at least according to the teacher." I answer. He breaks out into a smile.

"Well well if it isn't the two fairies. Knew we'd find you here." a voice calls.

"Hello Andrew. Come to harass us again? Or are you here for a date, I am available Saturdays, around seven or so. We'd go out to a reasonably priced restaurant and then have a wonderful night. Unless you're not interested? But I'm sure your companions are. What do you say boys? Ready for a wild unforgettable night?" I say, licking my lips.

"Uh. Andrew… What do we do now? We can't beat him up.", Andrew's cronies mutter, staring at him.

"We run. I'll see you two later! And I won't be so friendly!" Andrew says, running down the hallway.

Alex blinks." Did we win?"

I look at him, "Love, you didn't do anything" Seeing his eyes start to tear up, I sigh." Uh, I mean yes, Ally we won." In an undertone, I add, "Please don't cry. I'll make it up to you. I promise."

He sniffs, "Okay."

"Come on. Let's get to class.", I say, slinging an arm over his shoulders. I hate those eyes. I swear, if he wasn't so cute.

"Hi Mrs. Corrine.", I say, smiling at the teacher.

She smiles back. "Hi Citiv. Is this the new student?" She laughs, evilly. Alex stares, eyes wide. I laugh.

He looks up at me. "Is she always like this?" I nod. "Although this is a bit tamer than usual."

"What's usual, or do I not want to know?"

"Well, there are usually more dirty jokes. Heh, like the really fun verb efficcio."

"Which means what exactly?"

"To make out." I say simply, watching him.

"What? You're kidding, right?"

"Citiv, are you corrupting the young and innocent new victim-I mean students again?"

"You all are joking right?" Alex interrupts.

"Why don't I show you to your seat?" I say, ending the conversation.

"Okay." he says, brightly.

We walk out of Latin, snickering.

"You could have told me all of your classmates were perverts!" Alex says, still blushing.

"Yes probably."

"Uncaring sadistic bastard." Alex answers.

"So nice of you to notice, Ally." I say watching the halls.

"Uh Citiv. What are you -", he starts.

"Shh. Ally.", I say shoving him against the wall, crushing his lips against mine.

He moans, arms slinking around my waist.

My tongue finds its way into his mouth. As does his into mine, both fighting for control.

I start to undo his belt but he pushes my hands away. "Not here, not now." he says. "Later."


Ally blinks. "You kissed me."

I nod, "So?"

He glares, "And tried to fuck me."

"What can I say? You're easily fuckable."

He squeaks. "I am not!"

"How do you know?" I ask slyly.

"How do you know?" he answers, blushing.

I laugh and put my arm around his shoulders. He shivers and snuggles closer. I smile as we head to our last class.

He yawns, "What's our last class of the day eh Casanova?"

"Health. The teacher's great. Of course we're doing Sex Ed.", I say, watching his face for a reaction. Yep, blushes a lot. I chuckle. He looks up. I feign innocence. "What?"

"You know full well what! Saying we're doing Sex Ed right…"

"Right after I gave you a hands-on demonstration?"

He sighs "Yes."

"Lighten up. If you want, I can cover your ears during the nasty parts. Wouldn't want that teacher corrupting someone before I got a chance to, huh Ally?"

"Very funny, and I guess not-wait 'corrupting?'"

"Look we're at the Health classroom already! Hi Ms. Sukili!" I call out.

"Hello Citiv. My, you're quite cheerful this afternoon."

"Yep. What are we going to be learning about today, oh wonderful, glorious, all-knowing teacher?" I say a grin on my face.

"You'll find out," she says, ruffling my hair. "Have a seat why don't you?"

"Citiv? Can I sit with you, please?" Ally whines, giving me ' The Eyes.'

"You know I hate it when you give me that look." I say, trying to avoid looking at his eyes.

"Why else do you think I do it?" Ally says, smirking. A habit he's probably picking up from spending most of his first day with me.

"Fine. Yes, you can sit with me. You probably do need someone to cover your ears."

"I am not that sheltered."

"Whatever. The movie's is starting."

"Movie?" he whispers.

"Oh, I didn't tell you that the only reason the teacher is so well-liked is because the only thing we do in this class is watch movies and talk. It's great", I whisper back.

"What's the movie about?"

"Shut up and watch."


"Wasn't that a fun movie? Now we get to discuss it. Won't that be fun? Who wants to go first? Sherry, how about you?" Ms. Sukili questions, looking at the class.

"Fine.", she says, snapping her gum. "I thought the movie sucked. There was too many fags kissing an' shit."

Ally interjects. "If you ask me, there wasn't enough! Homosexuals have rights too!" My head hits the desk.

"Nice one Ally." I say, putting ice on his black eye.

"It hurts, Citiv." he whines.

"Hate to tell you, but it kind of was your fault. Yelling that."I say, turning around to get more ice.

'You're s'posed to protect me."

I start laughing. He hits my shoulder, cursing me.

"Ow! What did you do that for?" I ask, rubbing my shoulder.

"That's for bein' mean to me."

"Just for that you don't get any more kisses," I answer, eyes twinkling.

"No! The horror! However shall I go on?"

"Drama queen." I mutter." By the way, I have my extracurricular activity right now. Do you want to come with?"

He looks up, from tying his shoes, "What is it?" he asks.

"Our school's satire newspaper, 'The Duchess'. They like having freshmen."

"How many do they have?"


"Sure. I'll come." Ally says, slinging his backpack over his shoulder.

Before we reach the door, I stop and warn him, "The girls here, mostly sophomores, are yaoi fans. Major yaoi fans. Do you know what yaoi is?"

"Uh, no."

I sigh. "You'll find out." Then I open the door to squeals of "Freshy! You made it!" and "Who's your friend? He's pretty."

Ally looks at me scared. I smile and murmur, "Chill Ally, this is actually fairly normal, for them at least."

He just looks at me and mouths, "I'm pretty?" I nod, still smiling, introduce him to them, and vice versa.

"Guys this is Alex, he just moved here." He waves. "Ally, this is Janis, Kylie, the lone Republican and yaoi-hater, Furora, who is known as Furu, Doletamo, and the rest whose names are meaningless and unimportant, except for Rima, she's our leader." They wave back.

"Intros aside gang, let's get to work. Citiv, have you finished that article?" I nod." Good, now Jodi…" Rima says, before turning on another person.

"Hey, Furu, You got any more of your stories with you?" I ask, nonchalantly.

She smiles, "Yep. I got the newest volume of 'High School Eye Candy.' They finally do 'it.'"

"No way! Can I see?"

"Sure. Are you gonna teach Alex here about the birds and the bees?"

Ally squeaks and looks at me. I laugh. "He already knows about that."

"Good.", Furu says, cackling.

"This, Ally, is yaoi."

"So, it's two guys?"

"Yeah, pretty much." I answer, flipping through it.


"What do you think?" I ask Ally, looking at him.

"About what?"

'My plans to take over the world using pink ponies and yellow staplers." I answer, sarcastically.


"The Duchess, what else?"

"They're cool. I'd probably keep coming."

"Just for me, right?"

"Yep-wait what?"

I laugh. "You got a ride?"


'No to Hell, of course home."

"Uh no, think I could get a ride from you?" he asks, shyly smiling.

"Sure, where do you live?"

"I'll know it when I see it."

"Okay." I say, opening my family's car door. "Hi mom, this is Alex, he's a friend from school and he needs a ride. Can he?"

My mom smiles, "Of course sweetie. I'm so glad my Cit has a friend."

"Mom! Stop it, you're embarrassing me! I have a bad enough reputation without being labeled a mama's boy." I say, a blush rising on my cheeks. Ally laughs, "Like you'd ever be considered a mama's boy in that outfit."

"You shut up.", I say, climbing into the back seat, with Ally following.

My mom calls fro the driver's seat, "So Alex, where did you move from? We don't get many new folks in this town."

Ally looks up, "We moved from Rhode Island, to be near my older brothers, and 'cause the schools are better down here, I guess. That's what my mom said. Well that and there's less crime here, which is what Blake said, when Mom talked to him on the phone before we moved."


"One of his older brothers Mom, a junior at St.John's right?"

Ally smiles at me, "Right."

"Oh, Blake Reos, I've heard of him, yes, he's an intern at the law office where I work." Mom says, looking back at us. "Now where do you live Alex?"

"Somewhere over there, I think."

"Near our house?" I ask, following his finger.

"Yeah actually Mom did say a family with a kid near my age lived here."

We pull into the driveway, and Mom asks if Ally and his family would like to stay for dinner.

He nods, "That would be great Mrs. Sray! I'll ask my mom." He leaves for home.

My mom looks at me, "You like him don't you?"

"A little." Realizing what I'd said, "I mean, no."

"Relax sweetheart, I'll still love you, even if you're gay. He seems like a nice boy," Mom says, smiling before walking into the house.

I think to myself, damn she knows. But she said she'd still love me. With these thoughts in my head, I go in.

Alex's POV

"Hi Mom. Still unpacking?" I call walking into the house.

"Lexi!" Nelson yells, running into me.

"Hey, Nelly. How was school?" I ask him, ruffling his hair.

"It was fun! I made a new friend. He's nice."

"What's his name?"

"Kyle. Look what I made in school!" he says, holding up a picture of. ..something.

"Uh that's great. What is it?"

"It's us Lexi. See there's you an' me an' Mommy an' Blake an' Daine."

Mom comes in, with her hair tied back. "Hi sweetheart. How was your day?"

"Good. Oh by the way, the people next door asked if we wanted to come for dinner."

"That's nice. What time?"

"At 5. We don't have to get dressed up."

"Okay. Do you have any homework?"

"Mom! It's my first day. Of course I have homework."

She smiles, and notices my face," What happened to your face?"

"Oh I, uh, got into a fight."

"Alexander! What kind of example is that to set for your little brother?"

"Mom. I lost. That's not a good example."

"He's right Mom. That's not a good example. If Nelly gets into a fight you at least want him to win."

"Thanks Blake."

"Welcome kiddo."

I sigh and head to my room.

"Oh Alex, I haven't unpacked all of your stuff yet."

"Which stuff?"

"Just your paintings and other collectibles. Books too."

"I guess I should put that stuff away?"

"It can wait. Get your homework done first."


"Mom! It's 5.We should be going now." I say, pulling on my shoe.

"My goodness! It is five. Come on Nelson. Let's get your shoes on. Blake, honey do you want to come?"

"Where are you going?"

"The neighbors have invited us for dinner."

"Sure, I'll come. Let me get my shoes on."

"Okay. We don't want to be late."

"I'm ready Mommy!'

"Good sweetie. Everyone ready?'

We chorus, "Yes."

She smiles.

We head across the lawn. I hope Citiv's mom won't mind I've brought the whole family along.

Citiv's POV

"Oh God. He's coming. Are the plates ready? How many people do you see?" I ask, frantically sliding around the kitchen in my socks.

My sister sighs, "Chill Citiv. It's just a simple neighborly get-together. It's not a date."

"Shut up. How would you know?"

"I'm older than you. And, ooh, doesn't he have an older brother? Unless that's his dad."

"Alex said he didn't have a dad."

"Who's Alex?" the twins chorus, watching from the doorway.

"My friend, who's coming for dinner. You'll meet him soon."

"Okay.", they say, before heading to the living room to play.

Ding-dong! "That's them! I'll get it." I say, before crashing into the table. "Ow! Coming. Hold on."

Brushing myself off, I answer the door, "Hi Ally. Is this your family?"

He smiles. "Yeah this is my mom, one of my brothers, and my youngest brother."

"You all can come in. So we can get properly introduced." I say, ushering them in and calling, "Tory! Can you show them to the living room? Thanks!"

My mom comes in, "Dinner won't be ready for another 30 minutes. So how about we introduce ourselves? Citiv, you go first."

"Alright. This is my mom, my older sister Tory, my younger brother, Ixius, and my younger sister Capri. And you know who I am. Your turn."

Ally smiles, "This is my mom, my older brother Blake, and my younger brother Nelson. There. We're all acquainted. Now what do we do?"

My mom comes to the rescue, "We chat and get to know each other."

I watch Tory slide immediately towards Blake. "Poor Blake."

Ally looks at me, "What do you mean?"

"Tory's trying to sink her claws into him already."

"At least Nelson's having fun. Wait-where is he?" Ally says, looking around for his brother.

"The twins probably took him to their room. I'm glad they have a playmate."

"So am I.", Ally responds, laying his head on my shoulder.

I smile and wrap my arm around him. He cuddles into me.

My mom calls, "Dinner's ready! Come and get it."

Ally reluctantly gets out of my embrace. He sighs, "I guess we have to go eat dinner huh?"

"Well we could always just stay here and starve in each other's arms." I say, laughing as I hear Ally's stomach rumbling. "But your stomach doesn't appear to want that."

"Alex! Citiv! Do you lovebirds want dinner or not?" Tory calls from the dining room.

"Yes! We do. Come on Ally. Let's go." I answer, pulling Ally up with me.


"So what were you two doing?" Ally's brother, Blake, asks, winking at us.

"We were just talking right Citiv?"

"Right Ally."

"Sure you two were." Tory says. I kick her under the table. "Ow! You little-What'd you do that for?"

"Don't rightly know." I answer, snickering.

"Who's ready for dessert?" My mom calls, holding a covered platter over the table.

"Us! Us! We are! What is it?" the younger ones say, eyes wide and shining.

"I bet it's a triple-decker, fudge-covered, chocolate cake, with chocolate chips in it.", I say.

My mom smiles." You're right Citiv."

"What do I win?"

"Dessert. A place to sleep. A loving caring family-"

I laugh, "Alright. I get it."

"Good. Here you three go." Mom says, placing a piece of cake before each of the kids. "Do any of you want some?"

"I'll take some." I answer, holding out my plate. "Do you want any Ally?"

"No thanks, I'll just share yours." He says, breaking off a piece of mine with his fork and shoving it into his mouth. "Mmmm. It's good Mrs. Sray.", he says through a mouthful.

"Ally! Swallow then speak." I scold him.

He swallows, "Sorry. It's good Mrs.Sray."

"Thank you Alex."

"This is good. Did you take cooking classes?" Ally's mom asks.

"No, no. It's an old family recipe. I can show you if you like."

"That would be wonderful."

"It's in here with all the other recipes."

"Wow. Do you think I could borrow some of these?"

"Of course. Here let me show you some that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers."

Our moms head off into the kitchen to compare recipes. I look at Ally, "Want to come up to my room?"


"Be warned, it's kind of messy.' I say, opening the door.

Ally looks around, "I like the theme."

"You mean death and the utter despair that always seems to come with us Goths?"


Laughing, I answer, "Never mind." And pull him down onto the bed with me.

He yawns and lays his head on my chest. "Comfy?" I ask, looking at him.

He nods and cuddles with me for a little while, then notices the computer

"Compy! Do you have the Internet?" I smile, "Yes. Go on."


I wander over, "Ah, Fictionpress?"

He looks up, startled, "Mine!"

"Oh please .It's my computer. I'll find out anyway. Now let me see'

"Fine. Here.' Ally says moving over.

I cackle, "Slashy! Yesssss…"

Ally stares at me and dives onto the bed.

I dive on it with him. "Wanna do it?"

"God no! I mean not yet."

"Alex! Citiv! Could you come down here for a moment?", my mom calls.

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