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Jain was gorgeous, with his soft black hair that felt like water in my hands, his muscled body warm and soft under my nervous clammy hands, his own hands stroking my body, sending waves of pleasure through me. He was my world for that one glorious summer. Everything was great.

Until eighth grade started. He started touching me more, hard touches that left me breathless. School was the worst, his hands touching me everywhere; between classes-shoved up against a locker, kissed hard and fast, then left scrambling to regain composure, after school- dragged into his car and fondled, his musky smell engulfing my nostrils, warm salty liquid filling my throat, gagging, tears coming to my eyes as the liquid slowly dripped from my mouth onto the seats. His warm brown eyes boring into my wet blue ones, his husky voice in my ear, singing my praises.

Then my pants being harshly pulled down, the buttons leaving small red scratches, my screams quickly muffled by his hand over my mouth, the other quickly stripping himself, twisting myself out of his reach and falling out of the car and running home, pants around my ankles. I can hear his footsteps behind me, calling my name, begging me to come back. After frantically trying to keep my pants up and falling once or twice, he catches up to me. Strong arms wrap around my waist, one hand holding my mouth shut and the other quickly shoving my pants down. And then, pain. Burning hot searing pain. Make it stop-

I wake up suddenly, sheets on the floor. It's never gone that far before, I think, before quietly heading to the bathroom and splashing water on my face. That last part didn't even happen.

-time passes-

Ally and I are at this stupid festival the town puts on every Spring Break. It sucks but it's a good distraction to the dream I had last night. We're sitting there chatting and making plans when he comes.

Jain comes up beside us, smiling. He looks the same. Same muscular body, same black hair, same damn brown eyes. God, that's weird. "Hey Citiv," he murmurs, nonchalantly wrapping an arm around my waist. "Did you miss me?"

"Get your arm off me Jain." I growl, extracting myself from his grip.

He chuckles and strokes my face with a cold finger, "Now, now Citiv. Is that any way to treat me?"

"Leave me alone Jain, please."

"Citiv, darling. Shhh. Everything's going to be all right. I'll protect you," he says, pulling me against him.

"Let me go! I don't need you to fucking protect me. Besides you didn't do a good job of it when we were together."

"Citiv," he says, turning me towards him. "Sweetheart, you're delusional. Let's go home and get you some rest."

"Ally, help. You know what he's done. Please Ally."

"Citiv! Stop bothering that poor boy. Apologize to him. Honestly, I had hoped you would've learned some manners. I can see I must've been mistaken."

Not this again. Goddammit, I'm not a fucking little kid anymore.

"Shut up," I mutter.

Jain chuckles and reaches out for me, wrapping an arm around my waist, tousling my hair. "Boy, Citiv, you've changed a lot since I met you. What color's your hair?"

I growl and try to escape, "Plum. Now will you get your fucking hands off me?"

He chuckles and I feel his arm tighten. "Of course not darling. Although, I must admit," he says, tilting my face up. "Your new attitude I could do without."

"Good," I spit out. "You won't need to see my 'new' attitude because I don't want you back."

He tsks and starts rubbing my chest, smirking, "This shirt's pretty tight on you, love. Tell me, do you still like having your nipples bitten? 'Cause I remember I enjoyed it."

I sputter, "I never liked having my nipples messed with, you sick fuck. You made me like it."

He sighs and turns towards Ally, "You'll have to excuse Citiv, young man. He's a little cranky. Hasn't had his nap."

"Don't you dare talk about me like I'm not here and especially don't talk like I'm some fucking kid!" I say, managing to get out his grip.

"Didn't I tell you to use your indoor voice when we're talking with strangers?" he asks, gripping my shirt tighter.

"Shut up Jain! I hate you, you ruined my fucking life. And now you come back, acting like we're still a damn couple. Well, guess what? I don't want you back. In fact, I never wanted you back after eighth grade. Just leave me the hell alone. I never want to see you again. Get the hell out!" I yell, shoving him off me and running. What have I done? He's gonna come after me, or-or Ally. Oh God, why is my life so fucking complicated? I hope Ally can defend himself.

"Citiv? Are you feeling okay?" Ally asks, catching up to me.

I look up and shake my head, burying my face into his shoulder, and sob.

Ally rocks us back and forth, rubbing my back. "Citiv, it's okay. It's okay."

I hiccup and sniffle. "I-I know Ally. It's just-"

"Forget about him."

"I can't! I dated him for almost two years. It's not that easy."

"Calm down Citiv. It's all right. Let's go somewhere, okay? My treat," Ally answers, gently taking my arm.

"C-can we get ice cream?" I ask, feeling disgusted with myself for sounding like a whiny little kid. I could get chocolate. That always helps.

Ally smiles. "Whatever you want. Oh, by the way, clean up a little. Your eye-shadow's running."


-time passes-

"-My mom found out that Jain was apparently trying to whore me out to his friends, she was pissed. Jain, of course, denied it, got off-they didn't have enough evidence or something, Mom never told me the details-, then came back just in time to pick me up at school."

"What happened after that?"

"I'd rather not talk about it." I answer, still remembering the dream I had earlier. Musky smell, warm sticky liquid dripping from my mouth, his voice in my ear, small red scratches, and pain. I shake my head and wander over to the bookshelf, hands shaking a little.

"Citiv? What's wrong?" Ally asks, heading over.

"Nothing, I'm just a little cold. Want to go to the library with me? I have to finish that report."

"You still haven't done that? It's due in like three days."

"I didn't say I hadn't done it, I said I hadn't finished it. You coming or not?"

Ally grins, "Sure."

"All right. Just let me get my coat."

And we are off.

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