Peace toward worlds of east and west

Thy shameful ways are vicious in the seeker's eyes

Ends of fear should be in the past

Day of Falls appears without a burst of colors

Nature seems dead while everything blooms

How can this be Magic?

Up and above the mighty gale sings

Fearing it might destroy this beautiful creation

Darkness larks in the rays of life

Hallowing out its inner evil

Thunderous times are ahead

The world's sky is clear blue like the sea

How can this be Magic?

In and out of dreams of life

Pain is dying in its own suffocation

Inside of a lifeless plant

Knowing its mysterious way

Lifetimes of spiritual travel

How can this be Magic?

Reading and wondering what this means

Mist of visions rushing through your mind

Low voice mumbles of curiosity

Blows of pain knocks the head once again

All that remains is confusion

How can this be magic?