Forbidden - Chapter 1 (Emmeline)

I was surprisingly invigorated to walk through these doors again. It's weird to say that since the doors I'm walking through are to a prison, but I actually do enjoy coming here to counsel the prisoners.

The guard near the door turned towards me, "Hey Emmeline, I haven't seen you around here in a while; I guess you heard about our new prisoner." This guard was always friendly towards me; he had no reason not to be. A lot of the other guards at Tricaltin didn't like me though.

"Yeah, you can't keep a secret from me for long; have someone take me to him at once." I had found out about this place on accident really, but once I knew about it they wanted to make sure I kept silence so they agreed to hire me to council the prisoners and come and go as I pleased as long as I did not leak any information to the media, government, or anyone. I guess you could say I kind of blackmailed them into giving me this job.

"This way Emmeline," the guard said as he led me through the east wing of the prison. "He's in here, but let me warn you, he's a dangerous one."

I looked at him amused, "Thanks." Dangerous, ha! That's what they said about Alisa who they tried to lock away here. She's not dangerous really though, she was just afraid.

The guard unlocked the door, which took some work since there were so many locks on the door. When I entered the room it was a familiar setting to me, all the rooms were the same in this place. White sound proof walls, tan tile floor, high ceilings that are also white. Always in the far right was a single bed for the prisoner to sleep on. The far left corner had a toilet, no privacy walls for the prisoners. In the center of the room was a square table, flimsy like a card table. Two chairs at the table facing each other. The chair facing away from the door was empty. On the chair facing the door sat the prisoner who was bound in chains on his arms and legs.

"Oh great, the bitch is back," the guard standing inside the room near the door whispered to himself but at the same time made sure it was loud enough for me to hear.

"Nice to see you too Miles," I said in a phony pleasant voice.

He scowled back at me, "Emmeline, this one will kill you if you give him the chance, you should just leave now."

I snapped back at him, "I think I'll take my chances, you don't need to worry about me."

I walked over to the prisoner who was sitting in the chair with his head down staring at the table. He had shinny black hair that spiked up and he was wearing a tan shirt and pants, which all the prisoners wore.

I stood next to the table and bent over a little and asked in a gentle voice, "What's your name?"

Still not looking up at me, he turned towards me and spit at my feet.

"You little shit!" Miles roared as he came at him with his baton.

I jumped in front of Miles and held my hand out at him like a police officer halting traffic, "STOP!"

"I can't let him behave like that, even if it is just you!" he disputed.

"Listen to me now and listen good, I don't want you to interfere unless he tries to physically harm me! I don't give a shit if he spits at me!" I was out of breath from the yelling, I sat down in the empty chair still breathing heavily. Miles went back to stand at the door, he didn't dare to get me any more riled up.

Once I calmed myself I stood up again and walked towards the prisoner. "Let me see your face," I said as I grabbed his chin and pulled him up to face me. His eyes glowered at me, he looked so hateful. He had enticing blue eyes but the look he was giving me with them was bloodcurdling. There was a gash above his right eye, the blood looked still rather fresh and it had ran down the side of his face and stained the top of his shirt. "What the fuck happened to him Miles?"

Miles replied in a placid voice, "I don't know. He was like that when I came here."

I knew he was lying; only an idiot would believe his man. Miles eyes widened as I stomped up to him. I ran my hand across his baton. I held my bloody hand up to his face, "Why is it that I just don't believe you?" I said, and then I wiped my hand off across his shirt, "Go get me a first aid kit now!"

"I can't leave you alone with him."

"He's chained to a chair! Just go get it!"

Miles finally left the room to fetch a first-aid kit for me. I turned to the prisoner, "You need to tell me when the guards do things like this. It's my job to make sure that you are not being mistreated while you're here." He kept his head down and said nothing. "I know you're able to talk, I was told that you were talking when they first brought you here." He was still silent; I could tell I had my work cut out for me. I took out the digital camera I had in my bag, I took a picture of the wound. I could use this for evidence; if I get enough I could either get Miles out of here or get this prisoner moved to a better facility.

Miles walked back in and handed me the first aid kit. I set it on the table and grabbed the peroxide out. I walked behind the prisoner and gripped his head and pulled it back. I was surprised that he did not resist me. I held his head firmly with my left hand under his chin and the top of his head up against my chest. "Close your eye so I don't get any of this in it." I started to clean the cut with the peroxide and a cotton ball. He was still looking at me with these wild hateful eyes but he seemed to start to relax a little in my arm.

The way he looked at me with those eyes of his reminded me of some kind of animal that had grown up in the wild, his eyes showed his hostility and his fear.

While still embracing his head I reached over and put the peroxide away and grabbed the first aid cream. Miles spoke up as he was observing me do all of this, "How can you stand touching that disgusting alien?"

"Ha! Disgusting? I don't know what you are talking about; he's much better looking than you." I retorted.

Miles just crossed his arms and glared at me as I continued to bandage up the prisoner. Yes that's right, he did say alien. Tricaltin was an agency that locked up people that were different such as telekinetic people, psychics that know too much, aliens, mutants, anyone that was 'special' or found to be a 'threat'.

My sister Alisa had ended up in here when they found out that she had telekinetic powers. She first discovered her powers when she was just a little kid but as she grew up her powers got stronger and harder for her to control. To make a long story short, there was an accident, I woke up in a hospital and Alisa was gone, Tricaltin had abducted her.

This prisoner they had now had apparently crashed landed on Earth a little over a month ago. Tricaltin took him and his ship immediately. For the people that saw the crash, they covered it up as an aircraft the government was testing. It wasn't until a month after Tricaltin had him that I found out that he existed, hence the reason I am here today.

I picked up a large enough Band-Aid for the wound and put it on him. "There finished." I sat myself across the table from him; he was now looking at me instead of looking down. Those blue eyes of his, he still scared me with that icy stare.

He was probably wondering why I was here, it's about time I explain myself. "My name is Emmeline. I work here and council prisoners occasionally. I also work out of my lab that is in my home, I study astronomy. I write books on what I have studied and…" I realized I was starting to trail off from the point I was trying to make. "Anyway, the reason I am here is for one to make sure that you are not being mistreated and secondly because I am very interested in you. I want to learn as much from you as I can about where you are from."

His expression didn't change. I already knew this would take a while; I would have to make daily visits for sometime before he would speak to me. "Well that is enough for today. I have some other appointments, I'll be back to talk with you tomorrow." With that said I got up from the chair and left. Miles locked the door after I left.


This story is 17 chapters long and it is now COMPLETED.