Frank, Jake and Ken sat around the table. They were in an old abandoned warehouse plotting.

"Yeah, sure," Ken was saying while squeezing a rubber clown, "Sure I can operate a dummy. I can …"

A voice from the shadows finished the sentence, "throw my voice pretty well. See?"

The other two nodded. With evil smile their plotting continued far into the night.


Lisa was in her room. Being a teen, half the time she recognized mood swings, half the time she felt completely nuts. She gazed intently at the chalk stick figures she had drawn. She looked down in her lap. Holding up the postcard she attached to it a twenty-five dollar check while smiling.

Suddenly she turned around as she heard, "Hiya tootsie. You look hot babe, real cute kid."

"WHAT THE HELL?," she yelled.

"Oh, yeah. Guess who I am? Come outside, hey I'm thirsty got champagne?"

"Arrr…" She growled.

"Honey where you going?" her mom muttered from accross the hall.

"Out mom, go back to sleep." She yelled. She heard a mumbled okay and threw on a light jacket. Walking down the stairs she soon was in the kitchen. She grabbed a butcher knife and went outside. She soon began walking circles around her house.

"Oh, hon, you know how cute you look when you're absolutely livid?" The voice kept taunting.

Her eyes were brimming with the fires of hell and the knife gleamed. She mumbled under her breath, swearing.

"That's real sweet doll."

Suddenly she heard snickers from the bushes.


Frank and Jack snickered in the bushes. They secretly high-fived each other as Ken continued to yell at the aggravated Lisa. Jack handed Frank his cell. Frank dialed 911. He whispered in shaky tones, "Help! Help! There's a crazy girl! She's out to kill me! Oh, help, wait that's not part of the plan, oh SHI…:"

The phone line went dead as Lisa identified the source of her ex-boyfriends.


One month later…

Jim lay down on his cot. "Five years in this joint, god," he muttered to himself.

Suddenly he heard the sound of someone flopping down on to the cot next to him. "Hi, honey, miss me?" a familiar voice said.

He looked over at Lisa, rubbing his temple with his hand in aggravation. Slightly annoyed he causally asked, "What did you do exactly?"

"Oh! I murdered my ex-boyfriends." She giggled

He looked into her eyes, his filled with fear. "How many of them," he said causally.

She counted on her fingers. "Five."

His jaw dropped two feet. Reassuringly she said, "Oh, but I'm only convicted with three."

He ran to the bars and began to rattle them. "LET ME OUT!! HELP! OH GOD! SOMEBODY! PUT ME ELSE-"

She put a hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry I'm here, sweet heart." She flashed a smile.

FINISHED hope y'all enjoyed!!