On Every Blackboard

Kyle Faber knew something was up the moment he walked around the locker lined corridor to find his fellow teacher Daniel Allan whispering conspiratorially with a handful of students. Students that weren't exactly troublemakers, but were damn close.

They all broke into smirks when they saw him too. Which was never good.

"Alright, see you kids tomorrow then!" Daniel stated a bit overloud, as though trying to make him hear it as he approached the group. The students – two guys and a girl – promptly echoed the sentiment before slipping down the hallway the way Kyle had come.

"Hello, Kyle!" Daniel greeted cheerfully, shifting his tattered backpack to his other arm before looping the now-free appendage around Kyle's shoulders. Kyle was regrettably a good deal shorter than the other man, standing at an round five foot five. To Daniel's six-oh.

Of course, it didn't help that Daniel was also a whole-hell-of-a-lot more muscled than Kyle was. Coach of the wrestling and football teams. Whereas Kyle was coach of the school's yearbook and graphics design club. Not exactly muscle-inducing activities there.

With Daniel's bright blonde hair and shining green eyes, not to mention his striking good looks and well-muscled form, it was no wonder he was consistently voted the school's hottest teacher. Out of the men of course. Shelly Armstrong got it for the women.

Kyle didn't hold a candle to Daniel, at least in his opinion. His black hair was constantly messy, and his pale blue eyes held none of Daniel's vibrancy, hidden behind his wire-frame glasses. Then he was short, overly-skinny and a real wimp.

It didn't help that he had a major crush on the science teacher either. Sighing at his depressing thoughts, Kyle managed a smile up at Daniel. "Hello, Daniel."

"Bad day?" Daniel inquired curiously, leading Kyle out the door, his arm still wrapped in an affectionately friendly way about Kyle's shoulders.

"I've had better." Kyle murmured, twisting the strap of his stuffed messenger bag restlessly in his hands. Kyle's lips quirked – the day Daniel had come out as bisexual ranked pretty high up there. That had been a day to remember. That same trio of students Daniel had been plotting – for there was no mistaking it, that's what they had been doing – had somehow managed to commandeer the PA system for the morning announcements. While the girl – Kristin Patterson – had made the announcement, the two boys – Mark Childers and Gabriel Christianson – had run about the school putting up posters about gay pride. Wearing rainbow streamers.

The school's reaction had been amusing – most had accepted it, the students were especially supportive, especially after the wrestling and football teams had threatened to beat up anyone with a problem with it. There had been a few issues with a few parents during PTA meetings who wanted Daniel fired, but they'd been largely outvoted.

"Thank god tomorrow's Friday, eh?" Daniel asked with a flash of his pearly white grin.

"Hmm." Kyle hummed noncommittally, digging for his car keys as they approached the exit.

"Got any plans? Hot dates?" Daniel asked, his smirk back in place. He looked rather hopeful, but Kyle dismissed it as an imaginary figment as they stepped out into the bright afternoon sunlight.

"Ah, no, not really. Unless you count perusing the latest design software a hot date." Kyle replied, missing the feeling of Daniel's arm immediately as Daniel dropped it to fish out his own keys.

"Oh, the perks of being the computer wizard of the school." Daniel teased, hitting a button on his keyring. His large SUV honked loudly from across the parking lot, and Kyle rolled his eyes at the offending noise. Which always arrived after his and always seemed to be parked next to his. (1)

Kyle just smiled a bit at Daniel's comment. It was an ongoing argument as to who had the better job – Kyle and his computer tech classes or Daniel and his chemistry classes and labs.

"See you tomorrow then." Daniel called cheerfully, clambering into the huge vehicle that always dwarfed Kyle's smaller, better-looking silver Monte Carlo. It was almost ten years old, but it ran well and Kyle loved it. And it looked a hell of a lot better than Daniel's huge junky blue SUV.

Daniel was inordinately proud of his car, though Kyle couldn't think of a single reason why. Though he tried not to ever mention it, because he didn't want to hurt Daniel's feelings or have Daniel remember the first comment he ever made to him.

Kyle had just transferred in from a school across the district. Cauliflower High (2) was in desperate need of a new technology teacher after their last one had quit quite suddenly. He'd already met the principal and everything had been settled. Today was his first day to be teaching his new students.

He'd been a bit early, pulling into a mostly deserted lot, parking near the back of the lot by the fence separating the athletic fields from everything else. He'd just been getting out of his car when the huge SUV had pulled into the spot next to his, on the passenger side of his car. He paid it no mind, thinking it was a student early or something.

"Nice car." The voice jolted him as he dug around in his backseat, checking to make sure he had everything. The sarcasm rankled. It was a nice car. Kyle straightened up, already on his last bit of nerves – he hated new students, and this being his first day was not calming him down any.

The sight that met his eyes almost took his breath away, but he reminded himself that he wasn't looking for trouble, so looking at students that way was a bad idea. For that's what he assumed Daniel was – a student. The man was certainly dressed like it – jeans and a polo shirt. And behind him was the biggest, ugliest SUV Kyle had ever seen.

"Better than that." Kyle made a gesture towards the monstrosity. "Compensating for something?" He suggested pleasantly as he shut the door to his car and locked it. The student choked a bit, but Kyle paid it no heed, swinging the messenger bag over his shoulder.

The boy was laughing now, not that Kyle cared. He just hoped the boy wasn't in any of his classes.

"Are you new here?" Kyle blinked in surprise, having been ready to just leave the scene.

"Um… yes." He answered, adjusting his glasses a bit.

"Really. Have you gotten your schedule yet?"

Kyle blinked – the boy thought he was a student. He smiled a bit. "Well, in a manner of speaking, yes."

Kyle started walking towards the building, the student following him. "Oh? Do you happen to have chemistry at all?"

"Ah, you've got the wrong impression. I'm not a student." Kyle let his smile widen a bit.

The student's eyes widened. "You're kidding. You look young enough to be a student."

"Fresh from college. Two years back. And I'm short." Kyle rolled his eyes as he said the last part, looking up at the student.

"Ah, that explains it. I have the same problem on occasion."

"Really. Let me guess – you teach chemistry?" Kyle said, putting a few things together in his head.

"Yeah. Daniel Allan. You're the new tech teach, eh?" Daniel grinned down at him.

"Yes. Kyle Faber."

"Pleasure to meet you Kyle. And in case you were wondering, I'm not compensating for anything."

That had been the start of one of the best friendships Kyle had ever had. Daniel had grabbed him at the lunch break and introduced him around to the teachers, and then had kidnapped him after school to show him about the town.

Kyle smiled a bit bittersweetly – he was in love with, or at the very least had a huge crush on, Daniel, but he didn't want to lose the best friend he'd ever had by telling him this. Not to mention it would make things quite awkward at school.

Besides, if Daniel was interested, he would've said something about it when he came out to the school. Danny wasn't the type to keep things like that back. Kyle sighed again, before deciding the weekend couldn't come fast enough. Settling down in front of his computer, he pulled out the stack of CD-ROMS that had his student's mid-term projects on them. Four had been turned in early, so he had plenty to do this evening.

Kyle woke the next morning on the floor with a fuzzy head. He blinked in confusion, before spotting his overturned desk chair – he must've fallen asleep at his computer and fallen off the chair. Embarrassing, but not the first time he'd done something of the like.

Casting about the room, his eyes caught on a clock – 7:52 a.m. School had started seven minutes ago. Resisting the urge to swear viciously, he stood and grabbed the telephone from it's charging base.

A quick call to the school made sure someone was covering his first period class – it was just a work period for the midterm, so it didn't really need his supervision. He didn't know why the secretary kept giggling at him though. That had been mildly disconcerting.

Kyle arrived at school half an hour later. There was an open spot by the monstrosity, oddly enough, and he took it without thinking about it, though there were several spots closer. The school was quiet, only one student walking towards his class with a bright pink late slip in his hand.

His classroom was quiet as well – the ten or so students typing away furiously at the computer banks in the room. A few favored him with smirks as he entered, oddly enough, but he ignored it as they went right back to their work. The woman subbing for him smiled in amusement, giving him a wave before disappearing out the door.

"Sorry I'm late, does anyone need any help?" Kyle asked, and immediately two hands shot up. The period passed quickly, though one of the students wouldn't stop smirking at him.

When the bell rang, Kyle collected his bag and meandered across the hall to the classroom he taught his next class. The chalkboard was covered in drawings though. Drawings that made him stop in the doorway in shock.

For, in bright pink chalk, someone had written, "Daniel Allan hearts Kyle Faber," in huge letters, with the 'heart,' a drawing of a heart. Kyle stared.

And stared some more, oblivious to the small crowd watching him from the hallway. For what he didn't know was that the same message was on each and every blackboard, whiteboard and had been on the announcements that morning – Kristin had gotten a hold of the PA again.

A loud bang snapped him out of his shock, as some hapless student dropped a text somewhere behind him.

With slightly mechanical movements, Kyle walked up to the chalkboard, surveyed the message again, before erasing it slowly, watching the chalk dust motes float about in the bright fluorescent lighting.

His students filtered in seconds later, and Kyle managed to teach his class. And the one after that, though he was subject to a great many more of those knowing/amused looks.

It was his fourth period class that someone actually got up the nerve to mention the blackboard message. They were back in the computer lab, a class of fifteen this time. Three of which were the almost-troublemakers that Daniel had been consorting with yesterday. So of course he should've expected questions.

They were working on their midterms as well, but those three had been among the four who had turned theirs in early, earning a few bonus points. When no one claimed his help at the beginning of class, they ambushed him, surrounding the desk he sat at with mischievous looks.

"Mr. Faber. I've got a question." Kristin stated loudly, drawing the attention of the entire class.

"Yes, Kristin?" Kyle murmured, battling a headache from trying hard not to think of anything. Next was lunch, and he could talk to Daniel about this. He wasn't thinking about it, no, for if he did, that would be bad, because he could start to hope and if he started to hope and it was all a practical joke, then that would be worse.

"Are you going to say yes?" She asked eagerly, and the whole class gave up any pretense of trying to work, instead turning to watch the unfolding drama.

Kyle's eyes narrowed. "Say yes? To what?"

Kristin just blinked at him, giving him a look that told him how stupid she thought he was.

"To Mr. Allan's question?"

Kyle just stared at her in confusion. "There was a question involved in that blackboard artwork somewhere?"

"No! Not that, but the question on the PA this morning!" Kristin looked about ready to stomp her foot like a little child.

"You don't have any clue what she's talking about, do you?" Mark asked, placing a steadying hand on Kristin's shoulder.

"No, I don't. I was late this morning." Kyle replied. "What was the question?"

Kristin blinked in surprise. "So you weren't playing dumb!"

"Kris." Gabe spoke up. "That's pretty obvious. But we shouldn't tell him, that's really something Mr. Allan should be doing."

Kyle's head throbbed. This wasn't doing anything to help his headache. "Alright, that's enough. You three go sit down and play solitaire or something. Everyone else back to work."

Lunch came too quickly after that – the bell ringing sounding ominously loud as the students shuffled out, the trio lagging behind a bit. Eventually though, Kyle was alone in the room. With a sigh, he let his head bang against the desk. He shouldn't have started the code for the latest of his software projects so late – he'd stayed up far to late working on it when he should've been sleeping. At least his headache had dissipated.

Kyle tried to sink into the wood of his desk, anxiety creeping up about the pending confrontation – for there would have to be some sort of confrontation – with Daniel. A soft scuffing noise by the door alerted him to another's presence, and he could just guess who it was.

He didn't raise his head.

Daniel fidgeted nervously outside the door to Kyle's classroom. He wasn't sure if it had been a good idea, but once the Terrible Trio had gotten their hands on the information that he liked Kyle, there was no going back. Not that he really wanted to, this had been building for far too long. Since that first day in the parking lot, if he was being truthful.

It had been odd though – Kyle's car hadn't been in the parking lot. He hoped the man hadn't chosen today of all days to call in sick. That fear had only grown when Kyle hadn't shown up to their usual meeting place before lunch.

So he'd gone to Kyle's classroom. The door was open, and he didn't hesitate to walk up to it, his shoes scuffing a bit on the floor as he neared. He stopped in the doorway though, when he caught sight of Kyle, with his head resting wearily on the top of his desk.

He stayed there for what seemed like forever, before realizing how stupid he must look, just staring at Kyle from the doorway. Honestly, he needed to find out if Kyle had gotten his messages.

"Kyle?" He asked, his voice coming out a good deal more hesitantly than he'd wanted.

Kyle made a weird noise, nothing discernable, into the wood beneath his cushioned arms. Daniel grinned, finally stepping into the room before walking to stand by the desk.

"Another late-nighter, eh?" Daniel asked, smiling as Kyle sat up slowly, blinking blearily at him.

"Daniel." Kyle's voice was soft. But dangerous.

"Yes?" Daniel cringed a bit. He couldn't help it, Kyle seemed pissed.

"Do you mind telling me why everyone in this school is smirking at me? Why there was some odd chalk message on my blackboard and why Kristin, Mark and Gabe wanted to know the answer to some question that was apparently announced on the PA system this morning?" Kyle asked, his voice calm and face expressionless as he watched Daniel sweat.

"Ah… so you did miss the announcements this morning?" Daniel asked, trying to avoid the question.

"Yes." Kyle gave him an expectant look, and Daniel debated for a moment.

"I suppose you want me to explain?" Daniel asked, his tone slightly hopeful. Kyle nodded. "Ah… let's see, what's the easiest way to do this?" Daniel murmured, slightly under his breath.

"Okay, here goes. Kyle Faber, you're an incredible, amazing and sexy person. Be mine?" Daniel asked, as quickly as possible.

Kyle blinked. And stared. Then he blinked again.

Daniel waited.

"You don't mean that." Kyle finally said, flatly. "If this is your idea of a joke, it's not funny."

Daniel winced. "No joke."

Kyle stared for a bit more.

"I'm not sure if I believe you." Kyle finally murmured, shifting his gaze so that he was looking at the back wall of the classroom instead of at Daniel.

Daniel wanted to kick something. This was not going at all like he had imagined. He was supposed to make the proclamation, then Kyle would jump into his arms and kiss him, then they could maybe make out a bit…

Something had to be done.

So Daniel kissed Kyle.

Kyle tensed a bit, and Daniel was afraid, was very afraid for a long moment.

Then Kyle kissed back, the shorter man's hands coming up to tangle in Daniel's hair and pull him closer.

When they finally pulled apart, Daniel was winded. Not that Kyle wasn't, though.

"Do you really mean it?" Kyle asked, blinking up at him shyly.

"I really mean it." Daniel murmured back, leaning on Kyle's desk and pulling the other teacher out of his chair.

"What did I miss that was on the announcements? I swear half my students were giving me suggestive looks all morning." Kyle asked, tentatively resting his hands on Daniel's shoulders as Daniel wrapped his arms around him.

"It was just a formal question, asking you to be my boyfriend." Daniel murmured, his eyes not meeting Kyle's gaze, focused instead on Kyle's lips.

"Oh." Kyle said quietly, blinking in quiet amusement at Daniel's fixed stare.

"So the question was asked. What's the answer?" Daniel asked, his voice as quiet as Kyle's.

Kyle smiled a bit, throwing Daniel's wording back at him. "Daniel Allan, you're a beautiful, amazing and wonderful person. Of course I'll say yes."

Kyle kissed him again, drawing him close. Now this was more like the plan. Ah, but the plan could be damned now, it had served it's purpose and Daniel had other things to think about. Such as Kyle's soft lips and Kyle's talented tongue and that Brrrrriiiiiiiing sound that said lunch was over and the students would be retur- ooh, that felt good.

And so Kyle's fifth period class returned to find their teacher making out with the chemistry teacher. To Kyle's embarrassment and Daniel's amusement. Of course, this wasn't the end.

Cauliflower High is pleased to announce that Mr. Kyle Faber, technology teacher, has accepted Mr. Daniel Allan's courtship. Teachers, you may now erase your blackboards.

"All the blackboards?"


"Was that really necessary?"


Kyle rolled his eyes.

"Hey! Don't give me that look. I wanted everyone to know the depths of my feelings." Daniel grinned.

"Hmm." Kyle hummed noncommittally.

"Oh. My. God." Kyle breathed.

"I told you I wasn't compensating for anything." Daniel teased.

"I hate you."

"Love you too sweetie."

"Just because I'm a little shorter…"

"That has nothing to do with it. And it's more like a lot-"

"Finish that sentence." Kyle threatened, pulling at the hem of the skirt.

"You look wonderful."

"I hate you." Kyle threw a hair clip at Daniel. "I don't know what-mmmm."

Daniel smiled as he kissed Kyle, the best way he could think of to quiet the other man.

"Aah!" Daniel jumped as if scalded. "Don't do that!" He rubbed his sore butt.

"Shut up. I get to pick the costumes next year. Remember that." Kyle scowled.

"Oh I will. Remember this, that is. Where did I put that camera?" Daniel murmured, taking in the delicious image of Kyle in a short white skirt, with a tight white tank top and a perfectly made-up face. The school's Halloween dance would never know what hit it.

"You remember the rules?"

"Nothing below the belt."

"Right. What else."

"… I don't remember. You got me fixated on below your belt."

Daniel smirked at his shorter counterpart. "If you don't concentrate, I'll never be able to teach you anything about boxing."

Kyle just stared at him with smoldering pale blue eyes. "Why do I have to learn?"

"Exercise?" Daniel offered weakly, transfixed by the intense stare.

"Hmm." Kyle hummed, his version of Daniel's predatory smirk. That didn't bode well for the boxing lesson. Eh, who cared about boxing anyway? (3)

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