"It hadn't really hit me

Just what I would do when he's gone

But as he laid on my lap

Half-asleep, and more relaxed than I've ever seen

I knew, in those few moments,

That my love was not in vain;

That this man I wish to call my husband,

Human as he is,

Would not forsake me admist my pain

Would not judge me in a fit of anger,

But rather,

He would chose to love me

Imperfect as I am,

Even if it meant breaking all the rules.

Never have I been so sure of what he means to me

Of how safe I feel with his arms wrapped around me tightly;

I can feel it in his kiss and when he says goodnight,

Like I'm the only girl in the world he wants.

I see my tomorrows in his eyes,

That happiness I've never had

For on that night, when he took my hand

And whispered those four wonderful words,
I knew it was meant to be."

5/23/2005 8:36am