"So caught up, and then

Everything just stopped;

Time, and all its worries


Everything faded away except for you and I

And the ring in your trembling hands,

Like we were the only ones in that crowded room.

And just like the first time,

My heart hit the floor

Trying to distinguish my dreams from reality;

'Is this really happening?'

Those four simple words rendered me speechless,

Made me stutter,

But oh, how I adored your courage in that moment

For the question had been written on your face all night


For all the world to know

That it was me,

Spinning in circles and squealing like a little girl,

That you,

Beautiful you,

Wanted for the rest of our lives.

And like that ring,

Gorgeous as it is,

That smile lit up these usually-troubled eyes of mine

With something I just can't name.

Now it sits

Upon my own shaking hand,

So alive as it shines,

Forever reminding me of what I have to look forward to."

5/6/2006 2:10am