Speak Lord, Speak To Me.

Lord speak to me, for my life is now led to death, So speak lord to my mind. for mine heart wishes to stop. Speak lord to my soul. thats wishes to go home. Cause life is not worth living no more. Speak lord to my ear, to let my spirit know that everything is alright. Speak lord, Speak to me.
Lord the shaows are whisping deep. Satan is reaching out for me. Save my lord by speaking to me.

truoble is near, my life is high to the grave, The words that I am trying to hear.
Lord I need you near. Bring me my cross to bear, Put the nails through my hands. and the spear in my side. lord just speak to me.

For the sins of the world is heavy on me, and all of me has grown weary. lift me up Jesus up on my knees, which Satan laugh to put on me. Lord this soul of mine is foul, This thinking of mine is bitter But I knew that only you, you who save me once can do it again.

break loose all those chains those demons wishes to put on me. Break all those thoughts that Satan whisper to me.
The feeling of wrothless take this away from me, cause in you is where all my love laid and Satan can't take that away

Oh lord as long as you speak to me.

By Ronald Campbell..