Hush, child, hush,
Abandon your books and pens now.
Rest your weary head at last
And lay your body down.

Hush, now, hush,
Let the heart-aches subside.
And banish the screaming demons
Dancing behind your eyes.

Hush, baby, hush,
The moon is fully risen now.
Dim the flames and extinguish the day,
Slowly surrender to the calm voice within.

Hush, now, hush,
Unseen angels tuck you in.
Tenderly smoothing the hurts away,
And cradling you in invisible light.

Hush, child, hush,
Morpheus takes your pain gently hostage now.
The monsters remain chained to their prison walls
Until, ransom paid, the next grey dawn breaks.


One for my baby ...