Whistle away the hours

Count tiles and multiply and divide and figure out how many flies are in the light coverings

Cover your nails with sharpie black markers

And the back of your hand with doodles and writing

I drew a poem up my arm

It whirled and twirled and was so beautifully worded

Then I washed it away and forgot what it said

But I know what it looked like

And I drew it in my notebook when I was daydreaming

Sleep and dream

Or put on your headphones

Block out the world and listen to man screaming out your pain for you

Maybe you write over and over

How much you love the name that looms in your mind

Cover your shoe with checkerboards and smiley faces

Or sit and pull at the thread sticking out of your shirt

I drew the face of the person sitting next to me

She was staring at the wall and never knew I captured the longing look she had in her eyes

Balance a pen on your nose

Rest your head on your arms and think

Just think

About anything and everything

Write down every thought in your head in rapidly scrawled prose

Create a world for yourself

Out of images and phrases you hardly recognize

But they look lovely when pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle

Or maybe this is just your life

Staring into the board and through out to the other side

Where you're in your mind and you're free

Even when you're prisoned on a chair in a room full of regrets unspoken

You're free