Loved You Forever

We are parted, broken in two.
Having left off, I know you had too.
You picked him over me that really hurt.
But you're following your heart.
Be happy pet! That's all its worth.
Keith take care of her never let her fall.
You both were my friends, I thought till the end.
But it looks like that's not so…
We confided in each other, everything its true.
I never wanted to let you go.
But it looks like we both have too.
I'm not angry, just very hurt.
You don't know how much you really were worth!
But that worth has dwindled, no longer there.
You know at the end of the day, I really thought you cared.
Hurt was received one, two, three…
But lets not look and take pity on me.
It looks like you don't need me as much as you do him.
I thought our friendship was worth something.
I foolishly thought if I asked you to choose,
The choice would be me, but sadly it wasn't and now I have to let it be.
Be happy my friend that's all I ever hope.
I loved you forever but now that love must go!

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