My family and I were going up north for vacation. We went to this place up north that was cover by snow and snow filled mountains. The sky was Icy blue and the Air mass we were in was very cold. When I looked up at the sun, The sun was shaped like a big Snow flake. I got out of the car and saw something that was very Mystic. I couldn't believe what was happening on front of my eyes. What I saw was an Icy blue dragon being born out of a Blizzard. Lightning struck the Icy Blue dragon several times giving it life. My heart was pounding fast and I couldn't believe what was happening. Then I heard it, the Icy Blue dragon's ferocious roar. The Icy Blue Dragon's roar sounded like a sound of an Explosion, Thunder, and a Panther roar mix together.

When the Blizzard cleared, I saw the Icy Blue Dragon Clearly. The Icy Blue Dragon had Ice for scales; it had the bluest eyes that even the true color of blue was no match for it; it had very sharp teeth that were made of the hardest of ice; when the Icy Blue Dragon fully stood up, it looked like it out stood the tallest of buildings. When the Icy Blue Dragon breathes fire, the fire was the color Blue with the mix of white. I Felt the sensation of my luck for being a witness to a mystical birth. No one ever Witness a birth like this ever before. I watched as the Icy Blue Dragon flying off to some place that it was to be destined. The Icy Blue Dragon flew right over me, at the same time the sun's rays become even more brighter when it passed through the Dragon's body. I couldn't Believe that the Dragon's was totally made of Ice and its body was transparent. My mind was going at warped speed, and my mind was full of thoughts of disbelief. 2 days ago, I used to not believe in dragons; everyone and everything told me that dragons were only a myth. After this Mystic birth that I was a witness, Everything changed about how I thought and how I felt. So I am the Only one who knew that Dragons really existed. I started walking up to the place where the Icy Blue Dragon was born. I arrived to the place of the Dragon's birth. I felt something weird was going to happen soon if I don't get out of this place soon. I started to walk until this Tornado made out of fire came out of no where. Then I thought that I was going to be Killed by this fire twister. I decided to run away from this fire twister. Few minutes later, I was running my fastest to get away from the fire twister. I stopped running and I looked back if the fire Twister was still there. The fire twister was still there, I wondered why was this fire twister was there in the 1st place.

I didn't understand what was happening until I saw something very scary looking emerged out of the fire twister. I was shocked to see another dragon being born. This Reddish brown dragon was born out of from fire. The Fire dragon looked the same as the Icy Blue dragon, but the fire dragon's body was made from fire; its eyes were red and its teeth were sharp and made out of fire rock, it scales were made out from hot magma and it blew fire that could melt Diamond into ashes. The Fire dragon was the same length as the Icy Blue dragon. I knew I was in serious danger if I didn't go. But then the Fire Dragon flew off to some place that it was to be destined. I was running back to the car to tell my family was has happened. I started to tell them I saw two dragons being born and when I told them that, they stared laughing. I knew that they didn't believe me. When my dad was driving, that same exact place, which both of the dragons were born. I showed my family that place and they said that it was my imagination working overtime. Later that day we went to a Museum about something. The museum had a Glass ceiling so anyone can see through it. Few minutes later, The museum was up in the sky rotating from side to side and upside to downside.

The Glass ceiling of the museum wasn't there because it was retractable. I looked down to the ground and saw scales of the Icy blue dragon and the Fire dragon. I put them in my pocket for safe keeping. All of the sudden the Museum was upside down and I was trying to hold on to something so I couldn't fall out of the floating museum. I looked up to the ceiling and saw something very odd, I saw those two dragons Fighting with each other. I told my family to look down but they wouldn't listen to me because they were to scared to do anything. The only way I knew that will get their attention is by letting go of something and falling out of from the Museum. I let go what I was holding to and I was falling to my death. I looked up and saw my family crying and their look on their faces were priceless when they saw the two dragons fighting each other. I continued falling until the Museum was only a dot in the sky. I looked to my right and saw an Icy Blue blast coming toward me and when I looked to my left I saw a Reddish Brown blast coming toward me. I was so scared that I knew I was going to get caught in the middle of this and get killed by the end. I remembered that I had both of the scales from the dragons and I thought I could use them as a shield for protection from the two blasts. When the two blasts came, I closed my eyes, My life passed by so fast in front of my eyes. When I Opened my eyes nothing happened, I looked at both of the scales and what I saw was so amazing; what I saw and thought both of the scales absorbed both of the Dragon's blasts. What Happened next was something that I will never forget. Both of the scales Blasted their own blast at the two dragons. All I heard was the loudest Roar's of each dragon, then a second later both of the dragons exploded which made me in the middle of. Fire of hell was approaching me at both sides of me very fast. I closed my eyes and knew what my fate was. I felt someone catching me and lifting me up to the air again,

I opened my eyes to see who it was. When I saw whom, it was I started to cry, a person that I missed so much came to save me. That person was my dead Grandfather. He looked at me and said, "Everything will be ok my boy." I said to him, " I miss you so much." He said, " I know, I Miss' you too and it's time to wake up or you will be late for something that will change your life." I woke up and I had tears in my eyes.