AN: I decided to write another poem, that shows how grateful I am to be alive. Life is such a funny thing, because you never know where it'll lead you. Come rain or shine, love and makes it all worth it. This is a different style for me, so I hope you gorgeous guys, and lovely ladies will like it. Anyway read the poem, and let me know what you think about it..

Mornings come with such sweet surprise

I love the mornings that I arise

It brings me joy to know that I'm alive

That's why mornings are such a surprise

I live for the moment, and not for the day

I cherish the moments when I can say

I'm alive in each and every way

But I'm just grateful for today

So live your life, don't be afraid

Tackle all the plans you've made

Follow the crossroads that you have laid

Just follow me as I show you the way.