-Don't Go-

Self-affliction fades

And the hidden scars too deep have penetrated my subconcious

Providing hellish-relief from the day-to-day reality

So lost and I'm struggling to stand

Still holding on to you

You smile and it fades a little,

Returning with a sick vengence once you're gone

You have to leave - this we both know

Sometime soon - it won't be so

You promise me in a whisper

As you turn to leave

And still I stand, fighting tears

Once you are gone, I'm left feeling empty

A longing surfaces from deep within me

Only to be quenched whilst you are by my side

So wave good-bye - it won't be long

Until we meet again...

Soft kisses and warm embraces serve to stave off the fear

Once you've left - that's all I have

Since the warmth of you fades so fast -

Leaving me hugging my coat and fighting the tears.