The things we do that make us happy in life are the simplest things in life of pleasure and joy. Yet, I can't find joy, pleasure, and even myself in this god forsaken place that we call Earth. Every moment that passes I try to find a way to make the pain go away. As I think to myself I wonder why this pain is with me, did I deserve this pain that causes me to be unhappy at times? Others close to me abuse their power to make me feel worthless, because at times in need they don't understand what I feel. Fate is against me while I'm in my worst times. I long to find peace and pure joy to reconnect to things I used to love doing. Yet my cruel insanity has taken over my mind and my body. My soul has suffered burns while my heart is on fire from my love that used to be alive. I miss the world that I used to be in. Now my world is falling apart, because the world is in pain. I seek my inner peace. This one grain of sand is my inner peace that I only have left. My only hope is a journey through my inner self by meditation, and to find this pain that gives me heart ache. Is my mind playing tricks or am I going mad? As I seek this pain I wonder to myself if this was the best thing to do. I've been into this once beautiful land filled with life, joy, happiness, love, peace, trust, confidence, and good feelings. Now it's a dark place with no sign of anything. Pain is everywhere feeding on my low self-esteem.

My hopes were good but they are not that high anymore. I could feel my confidence lowering every time I didn't found anything good. Few hours passed by and the pain got bigger with every doubt I had in myself. The things of joy and peace were almost no more. Yes, I remembered that I still have a grain of sand containing bits of peace. When I remembered, this strange power wave hit me. I felt something strange inside of me. I started screaming with all my might. I realized that I transformed into my own perfect image. I had a sense of new power within. I felt something inside of my hand as if something was moving. I closed my eyes, when I opened my hands and my eyes, I looked down at my hands. I saw was for me a magical thing. I saw ten grains of sand on my hands. That meant to me that there is still hope. I looked up in the sky and saw this evil destroying me. I realized what I was up against. This evil could kill me, destroy me emotionally, and my heart could explode. My newly found power started flowing around my body. I was determined to destroy this evil before it kills me. I felt my power growing stronger inside of me. I started yelling with confidence. Electricity started flowing around my body. I flew off to find the evil. I looked around where this evil was hiding. All of the pain that I ever felt was forming into my deepest fears. I started to feel mortified at that moment. The pain started to feed on my fear. Every time it did that, it got bigger and bigger. Without my courage I surly would be killed. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was fighting myself. When I opened my eyes, I saw myself looking back at me. I said to myself "This is impossible." I was looking at myself, but it wasn't really me. I asked him, "Who are you?" He replied "I am your worst fears so prepare yourself." I asked him "why" and he came up to me and knocked me down onto the ground. The battle of good and evil had begun. I felt another huge power wave hitting my body. Evil was plotting to kill me in different ways. This time was the most dangerous time for me. I was walking somewhere to find some remaining side of my inner self. It was too dark to see anything, so I decided to take out one grain of sand. All of sudden the sand was glowing brightly; I was amazed by this thing.

A good idea popped into my head. I planted five grains of sand in the ground, just in case. When I finished planting, I looked up and evil was looking at me. He told me everything about why he was doing this. He said, "I am doing this because your human race is weak and pathetic, especially you. Your dreams are false, you think your dreams will come true but they won't come true. Your sadness feeds my power when I'm weak from destroying your hopes. By feeding on your sadness, I recover my health and my power." At that point I was in my max power and enraged. I took five remaining grains of sand and ate it. I felt my power going up through my head into space. My power level was raised 50 times the normal level. I had this new power to shoot out powerful energy balls. The darkness from my inner self got sucked in by evil. His powers were now unbelievable, ultra high, it was like being invincible. Our fight was going to be in the sky, and we flew up into the sky. We were face to face about to kill each other. Humanity was counting on me to beat this thing, for I was the chosen one. I was the one who got the 1st blow on him on the lower rib cage. We were going at each other with hard punches and deadly kicks. If you were on the ground, you would see shockwaves coming from around us and when we punched or kicked each other at light speeds, explosions would happen and you would also hear sonic booms. The fight went on for hours on end. Evil was powerful for me, but his power was so immense. We stopped fighting and backed up, I knew it was the right time to use my new power.

I formed this huge energy power ball and blasted towards him at the speed of light. He caught the power ball and made it even bigger. This made me seem weak in his eyes, because he powered up the energy ball enough to be more powerful than me. He blasted the energy ball towards me faster than the speed of light. I caught it but I was struggling to be alive. Evil sent more power and energy to the energy ball, that moment I went inside the energy ball. That same moment the five grains of sand that I planted rose from the ground and came to me. The five grains of sand went into my body, and I felt my power blasting off from a black hole. My power level was infinite now, and I was at invincible. At that same time the energy ball exploded. Evil thought I was dead, yet when the smoke cleared evil couldn't believe his eyes. I said to him, "You can't get rid of me that easily." He was confused, but I had already formed a bigger and better energy ball. I said to him, "Be ready, for this will be your last day of being alive and a threat to human beings." I blasted the energy ball right at him at speeds that no one ever heard of. He caught the energy ball. I went inside the energy ball and sacrificed my power and myself, I screamed with all my might to get all my energy and power out. All my energy and power went to the energy ball that made it super ultra powerful. Evil then went inside the energy ball as well. The energy ball exploded, which killed evil and me. My lifeless body fell to the ground and hit the ground hard. All the good things came back to my inner self and I woke from meditation. I was back home and I was feeling good because my good feelings are back inside of me. There was no sign of pain, bad feelings, and evil ever again. Things were going well. My life was at its best because Simply I was happy again.

The End