Absence of Dreams

I walked along side the water

On that once clear fateful day

I went to relax at the beach

Where all my memories lay

Then the waves came crashing down

And with that they stole my dreams

When they started to recede

So did my dreams

And so now I have

An absence of dreams

The day of that light snow

Everyone's love used to glow

It sparkled all around

And ended on the ground

But when that snow melted

So did my dreams along with it

The refreshing water's gone

And so are my dreams

I have it yet again

An absence of dreams

On that brisk summer day

In a pool my fantasies lay

And in every grain of sand

A memory is kept

But when September comes

And the cold is brought out again

The mystic water freezes

And my dreams cloud over in ice

It came back again

An absence of dreams

In the autumn of the leaves

Where the trees begin to bleed

We loose a little bit more

And for me that is my dreams

Every leave that hits the ground

Even though they make no sound

They still steal them like the other seasons

And just like the preceding times

I've left with yet again

An absence of dreams