Love United

From the moment that I met you,

I knew that it was true,

The love that grew between us,

It wrought my mind askew.

I could not understand it,

I could not comprehend.

How once someone so unknown to me,

Could become my closest friend.

And as the times went by,

I never thought that I might cry.

Over the loss of a love that had bloomed,

And how quickly it could die.

I remember the first date we had,

I remember how it made me glad.

For I had finally found someone,

That could keep me from being sad.

That night we found happiness,

We found it despite unlikeliness.

We walked beneath golden lights.

That night ended with a kiss.

Now our paths are split once more,

But that doesn't mean I've closed the door.

Because I still love you despite our troubles,

This love dwells inside my core.

I know this love will return one day,

For now, 'tis only gone astray.

You need time away from me,

"The time is yours," I say.

My faith in us is not in doubt,

Neither is my love in bout.

But in order to attain my spring,

I must survive the drought.

Five months does not seem like much,

But in my heart it isn't measured as such.

The time has been measured in our love,

Not by a clock's tick-tocking crutch.

When and if I show you this, I hope you do not cry.

It would tear me up inside, and make me want to die.

I simply wanted to share with you the good times,

To show you what's gone by.

I love you Melissa, with all of my heart,

And I hope that my poem is a start.

At showing you just how much I care,

And how our relationship is art.

Now I've reached my road's first bend,

Away from yours, it seems is the trend.

But I do not fear the path ahead,

I know they will rejoin again.

So I must leave with one last verse,

Before I cry or cause a curse.

Our first five months were simply practice,

For our life together, we had to rehearse.