Just Because

People stereotype you every day, but you have a say on whether it stays that way.

Just because I am a girl,

Doesn't mean I obsess over my hair,

I don't take out my drama on the whole world,

I don't desire to leave my midriff bare.

Just because I do well in school,

Doesn't mean life revolves around high scores,

I don't spend my time obeying rules,

I have a social life as active as yours.

Just because I am an Asian,

Doesn't mean I'm nationalist to every extent,

I don't study on every occasion,

But I'm proud of my culture and of my descent.

Just because I love sports,

Doesn't mean I live and breathe athletics,

I don't live on the field or on the courts,

I'm not always ready to be energetic.

Just because I am a teen,

Doesn't mean I'm out of control,

I don't use words considered obscene,

I have a good brain and a sensitive soul.

Just because I am,

People like to stereotype me

They think they're smart, they think they can

I wish they'd let me be.