AN: a compilation of uncompleted poems. I thought I would put them all up in one thingy. So here they are!

1: from the point of view of a veal cow up for slaughter.

Morning sun harsh on my tender flesh

Bars of silver and metal mesh

The hay today was nice and fresh

Perhaps a celebration of my death?

2: don't know what the hell this is….

When veins grow tired

And eyes can't sleep

Your hands are empty

To lost to speak.

3: this is something... what I don't know I wrote while suffering from serious med side effects lmao.

In empathy I lack

The drive to respond

To your agony

I pray for it to end

Without kind words on my part

For my shoulder is weak

And my hanky has long since crumpled apart

Though your heart is heavy

And your lips chapped with shame

Don't bother me

Find someone else to blame

4: this actually is completed but I'm to damn lazy to upload it by itself i like it though!!

Can you count back from five?

And remember a time

When happy leaked from your wounds

When suicide was taboo

And a blade hadn't a thing to do with you

When cheerios waited on the table for you

When school got out

And your parents were your whole world

And sex was only in the movies?

I can't.

5: hmmm… this is just randomness

Like a goddess of water

I can melt into an insignificant puddle

You step in me, with out realizing

You've turned my depth to shallow

And my shallow your friend

6: this is for Tina; it was going to be a poem but writers block….

I can be cliché

And list all the things I love about you

Wait isn't that a cliché in itself?

I miss you.

7: umm another…

Drown out the guilt in tears

Flush your insecurities down the toilet

But don't forget to wipe your mouth.

8: more or less a quote then the beginning of a poem

What is humanity?

I think that went out with the sixties.

9: my favorite whore this is for you!!

Innocence was my gift to you

My trust was what you stole

I was just a convenience wasn't I?

AN: there you go random stuff!! Much love guys! were you able to follow the lay out? lol