Aimee is a pilot who flies supplies into the communities of research stations at Antarctica.

Supplies were being unloaded at the Mawson's Research Station in the midst of a blizzard trying to settle in. Aimee looks up to see a lone figure in the swirl of wind and snow and asked her co-pilot about it. By the time he looked up the person was gone. He suggested it was a large penguin, because sometimes they would come up close to the huts looking for scraps.

Supplies had been unloaded and the plane ready to leave. Aimee and her co- pilot were advised that they delayed their take off until the storm was over.

"I am not hanging around here for the next 3 months, no thanks." Retorted Aimee.

The plane roars down the icy runway and takes off, visibility almost negligible. The plane had only been in the air for 30 minutes and was suffering a battering from the storm. The two pilots heard loud creaking noises coming from the wing. Ice had settled on the wing making the plane unsteady. The plane starts to struggle, engines failing – Aimee sends out a distress call

The plane goes down and crashes followed by white shade of blackness.

Aimee stirs, with her head hurting and the taste of blood in her mouth. She manages to find her co-pilot, but he received the brunt of the crash which proved fatal. The pain too intense causes her to pass out again.

Aimee stirs again to whirring sounds of the wind. Snow is starting to bury the plane so she decided to pack some things and walk back to the station, she estimates a 3-4 day hike. The wind beats Aimee from all sides, the snow soft making it difficult to walk. Aimee looks ahead to see a flashing light.

"I hope that light isn't as far as it looks." She prays. Then in the distance she sees a figure and calls out. "Hey….over here." But it disappears.

Hours pass and Aimee is struggling, with the wind, with herself. She collapses onto the snow and begins to cry, defeated she waits for death and so drifts off.