I was being shaken roughly

"Can you hear me, Aimee wake up." Came the voice. I slowly open my eyes to see people gathered around me.

"Hey she's back, she's alive." Followed by a chorus of cheers.

I couldn't move anything, I felt cold all over again

"Where am I" confused by all the people

"You're in a snow vehicle we going to get you to the medical facility.

"Where is Jenni." I looked around the vehicle and couldn't see her. The two guys looked at each other bemused. "Where is she, she was with me." My voice giving in to panic.

"I'm sorry miss we found no one with you. You're safe now try and relax." Wanting to argue but lack of energy prevented this and soon closed my eyes again.

A voice called to me from a distance "Aimee, it's time for you to wake up, c'mon dear let the light in"

"Jenni is that you." Opening up my eyes expecting to see Jenni.

"No dear I'm not Jenni, I'm your nurse."

"How long have I been here."? I try to sit up but then my body felt too heavy.

"No don't try you are still very weak. You have been with us for 2 days now. The doctor will see you shortly."

I rolled onto my side and thought about Jenni. Where was she. Why did she abandon me?

"Good morning Aimee how you feeling today?" came the doctor's cheery voice

"Uh ok, chest feels like an elephant has been sitting on it." rubbing at my chest

"Yes well that because your airways and lungs where starting to freeze over. A week in here should get you back on your feet."

"Doctor do you know if they bought anyone else in with me?"

"You mean this Jenni person you keep mentioning."

"Yes yes her." Getting excited.

"No I'm sorry, you mentioned her a lot as you drifted in and out. I made some inquires and someone should be in to speak to you about her. For now just rest."

It felt like I had only closed my eyes for a moment when I was disturbed by a knock. I looked up

"Excuse me, miss."


"Don't know if you recognise me I was one of the guys that rescued you."

"Oh thanks I'm very grateful."

"I also looked into the girl you kept going on about...... Jenni!"

He had my full attention now

"yes yes, go on please."

He hesitated and then gave me a large envelope,

"Is this her?"

I hastily opened it and took out the black and white photo of a young lady.

"Yes, oh my god that's her." My eyes started to water

"Are you sure this is her."

"yes exactly, you must find her."

He cleared his throat "Well that could be a problem, you see this girl disappeared years ago."

"What you mean, she found me, how many years."

Again he cleared his throat and shuffled his feet. "At least 20 years."

"WHAT, you jokin with me, it's not funny." I growled

"Honest, look on the back."

I turned the photo and it had where it was taken and the date 1980. I just stared at in disbelief, no words would come out.

"Look I'll let you rest." I went to give him back to picture.

"No you keep it."


I looked back at the photo again and ran my fingers down her face, I held the photo to my chest and cried myself to sleep.

The end