tuning discord

i flew on the wings and will of Icarus
too high with stale feathers and the molten wax
of foolish aspirations
plunged into reverie and let myself be
stranded in sugarcoated looking-glass dreams
blind to the catatonic cacophony hidden
beneath and within the seductive symphonies
my heart and mind have lost each other
but You call softly to my sleepwalking marionette
Your faint whispers reaching wooden ears
incomprehensible, indiscernible, imperceptible
with the lingering silent nothings that drown
the fading voices
the fleeting glimpses into Your heart
i need something more substantial
not the coercive tug of harsh norms
but the gentle pressure of
tension upon the heartstrings
stemming taut from the deadened material
that comprises the soul
not played upon like the nylon E A D G B E
of the beaten guitar
i wish You would speak out bluntly for once
rather than lacing each muted word
with acoustics of deliberate ambiguity
sing out clearly with Your rumbling ionian basslines
deep and smooth without distortion
resonating stronger than each cadence
of my pulsing rhythmic organ
to rouse the cranium from narcotic stupor
and set the hammering forks of the atrium
on frequency for the perfect melody