In the 500th year of Ganid, when immortals still roamed the land, it was a dark and desperate time for the kingdom of Tyrak. Their beloved leader, King Fredrick was assassinated and the land went into a state of confusion. Queen Rika was left to deal with the kingdom and their one year old daughter, Iris. Across the isthmus was the kingdom of the dark Prince Alma. Alma hearing of this confusing took the opportunity and stole the little Princess Iris.

Princess Iris was born when the four moons of Ganid were aligned. It had been over 500 years since anyone was born while the moons were aligned. The last person to be born under the aligned moons of Ganid was King Tyrak. Tyrak was favored by the god Ganid and lead the people of the land into war to become the great kingdom that it now was. Ganid told Tyrak towards the end of his reign that his chosen leaders would be born under his four aligned moons every five hundred years. The chosen leader would have to be presented to him on their seventeenth birthday when once again his moons would align before the next five hundred year wait. The chosen was to be present before Ganid for him to accept them as the rightful ruler.

Thereforth if Princess Iris was not presented to Ganid on her 17th birthday when once again the moons would align this would cause the kingdom to be taken over by evil. Now the queen has been sending out four warriors, one from each of the Four Corner Kingdoms. Many have tried to save the princess but alas they all have failed. It has been a year since anyone has tried and hope is starting to waver. The Four Corner Kingdoms have gathered their best warriors in one last attempt. The story begins in the 516th year of Ganid with Prince Alma dead and the Princess still captured.

Comments: Me and a friend wrote this while we were hyped up on candy and lack of sleep from the previous two nights. It was really late at night or you could say early in the morning. We'd like to know what you think and wether we should continue or not. Chapter one will follow as soon as it is typed up. Thanks for your help!