Chapter Four

"Hear what?" Anne asked.

Zaida bent down and stuck a dagger in the ground putting the side of her face to it, totally ignoring Anne's question, "Seventeen soldiers on horseback are approaching at a run with…two men on foot. Followed by a…" She closed her eyes and tipped her head back a little before whispering, "Stormwing."

"A what?" Neva inquired.

Zaida shot up from the ground yelling, "Hurry get your east gate open! The soldiers are being followed by a stormwing!"

"A stormwing!" Anne exclaimed.

"Open the east gate! Soldiers approaching followed by a stormwing! Archers get ready!" Ronald snapped out commands deciding to take Zaida's word as truth.

"What are you talking about Ron?" Tarn asked running up to where they were.

"Stormwing at two o'clock chasing about 20 knights. Most on horse back," came a voice from the tower by the east gate.

"Archer's get ready and open that gate faster!" Tarn shouted.

Just as the gate was fully open the knights came thundering in. As the stormwing passed over head the archers shot their arrows, all of which rebounded off of its metal skin and wings.

"Shooting like that isn't going to get them anywhere," Zaida ran off disappearing into the crowd of knights.

"Zaida!" Vera yelled after her, "Zaida where are you going? Where did she go?"

"I don't know there's too many people running around," Neva was looking around trying to find Zaida in the crowd of people.

"Stormwing at three o'clock!" A voice could be heard above the noise of the crowd.

"There she is climbing out that window!" Anne shouted pointing towards the east tower.

They looked up in time to see Zaida dangling from the roof. They watched as she pulled herself up and climbed to the top. There she wrapped her arm around the flag pole and took an arrow with her free hand. Zaida steadied herself and loaded the arrow to the bow she had.

"Stormwing coming in from nine o'clock!" the voice could be heard calling again.

Zaida took careful aim. When the stormwing was five yards infront of her she shot the arrow sinking it into the stormwing's throat. The stormwing pulled up quickly, screaming. It took off towards the northeast disappearing into the sky. Zaida made her way slowly back down the roof and in through the window.

"That was great!" Anne called out to Zaida as she approached them.

"Where did you learn to shot an arrow like that?" Neva asked when Zaida was closer so she wouldn't have to yell like Anne.

"I taught myself," Zaida said matter-o-factly.

"Awesome," Anne said ecstatically.

"How did you predict it exactly like you did?" Vera asked Zaida.

"Predict what?"

"The knights and the stormwing. What else?!"

"I didn't predict it."

"Ronald I have a question for you." Tarn waved Ronald over to where he was talking with one of the knights, "Bring your cousin and her friends too. Ronald. Girls. This is Sir Nicholas. He and I would like to know where you learned about the knights? You acted fast."

"From Zaida," Ronald answered.

"Zaida? Which one is she?" Sir Nicholas asked.

"I am," they all looked at her questioningly, "I know because I used my bounty hunter shills and senses." They all continued to look at her a little dumbstruck. Zaida just sighed.

Ronald broke the silence by speaking, "I acted quickly because I have learned to not completely ignore bounty hunters. They may have some strange…talents but they are hardly ever wrong. Plus Zaida looks like the type that can get it right and she also looks like she would never lie even in a joke."

"We owe you are lives. Is there anything we can do for you?" Sir Nicholas questioned.

Zaida thought for a few seconds before answering, "There is nothing that I need you to do now, but the time may come. If it does not ever come at least I will know you lived your life worthily." Zaida sounded like she expected he wouldn't do anything else.

"You are clever that is easy enough to tell," Nicholas chuckled, "I shall tell my children and grandchildren of this day and your request. Now I must go to check that everything is all right and in order with my knights." Nicholas bowed to them before walking off.

At that moment Enid came running up, "Are you guys alright? We saw the stormwing and got here as soon as possible."

"We're all just fine. No need to worry, no one was hurt," Neva answered in a calming voice.

"Well then come help me get ready to get going again tomorrow morning. Tarn, can we have a horse?"

"You can take two from the back stable." Tarn smiled warmly at Enid.

"Thanks you." Enid smiled back at Tarn.

"You're welcome; just go easy on the girls. They'll do just fine."


"Are you girls ready to leave?" Enid asked.

"Ya," came the sleepy reply from Vera.

"Yep," Neva yawned slightly more awake than Vera.

"Yes," came Zaida's reply from where she was finishing loading up one of the horses.

"Where's Anne?" Enid asked looking around for her.

"Probably still asleep in the wagon, I'll go wake her." Zaida walked off towards the wagon where they had slept the night before and jumps into the back disappearing behind the canvas. Zaida got up really close to Anne's ear and yelled, "Wake up!"

"Aaa! I'm up, I'm up." Anne sat up bolt right.

"You should have gone to bed instead of going for a walk with that boy," Anne started turning bright red at this comment, "Well we have to get going so get up."

"Did you get sunburn while you were asleep in the wagon?" Enid inquired while Vera and Neva giggled, when Anne and Zaida approached them.

"Shut up." Vera and Neva started laughing even harder.

"Okay girls, stop teasing her and let's go." Enid mounted up and road out the gates.


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