Show Me

Ever since I met her

I knew I lost you

Because you looked at her with eyes

That never saw me

And the idea behind your smile

Never reached my brain

Because you grabbed her hand

When I had to claw for yours

Every scream I screamed inside

Leaked out through my tears

Because you never sensed my anger

You never sensed my pain

Hanging on to whatever we have

As I felt it slipping away

You gave her the colored flowers

While I made do with yellow

And yellow is my cowardice to snatch them

To say that I was here first

But you killed me when you kissed her

And I turned to ash

Dust in the wind

Since everything I had ever felt

Was blown away with one gust

You killed me when you kissed her

And I did not even die happy

But now I tell you I caught you

And you in fury try to dissuade me with your

Feigned attention

You tell me that you love me

But I won't believe your empty words

Show me how you love me

When you gave her the world and then some

Show me how you love me

You know what you have to do

You must choose

Her or me

But I will give you a hint

I have one foot out the door

Yet never have I met the lover

Who made me wish I smoked

Just so you could light my cigarette

In the gentlemanly way you caught hers on fire

And burned my ashes away