My boss was throwing a Christmas party for the company's workers and their partners. I always found them to be boring and having to be nice to everyone's family was not my scene and could do without the hassle. I mingled around for a while then returned to my office do some last minute tidying.

"Excuse me could you tell me where the toilets are?"

Without looking up I directed

"Down corridor door on left." When I didn't hear the person leave I looked up. "Is there anything else?"

The woman in the doorway laughed "you hiding from something?"

"Yes that party"

"Ahh yes, well anyway my name is Jemma." And offers her hand. I shake it

"I'm Kasey."

"Yes I know"


"Your boss raves on about you – He's quiet impressed."

"really...well if that's the case why won't the old geezer give me a pay rise" I bagged

"Well I could try and put in good word for you"

Then it clicked and I groaned "ahh're his partner"

"Uh ha."

"Oops, sorry." I said not to fussed

"That's ok, I could still put a good word in for you……if you….."

"If I what" not catching on.

She smiled and left for the toilet.

I packed up my things ready to leave when I went over what Jemma had said "if I what." I looked towards the party it was in full swing, then towards the toilet. "Hmmmm."

I casually made my way to the toilet. One of the cubicles was in use and it flushed. The door opened and out walked Jemma

"Oh hello again" said Jemma.

I nodded and leaned up against the wall waiting for more confirmation

"Will you returning to the party Kasey?" she asked quietly

I smiled "ahhh na thought I might start one in here."

"What!" came Jemma's response

I walked over to her and took her hand, spreading her fingers into mine.

"What are you doing?" asked Jemma calmly.

"Just want to spread some Christmas cheer." And moved in closer to Jemma's body. "Is that ok."

"Well" started Jemma

But I didn't wait for her reply and put my lips to hers. I pulled back to gauge her response

"Is that all I'm getting for Christmas." She flirted

"Well have you been a good girl or a bad girl?" still hovering over her lips

"Well for 364 days I've been a good girl, but for one night I'm going to be bad." And she flicks at my lips with her tongue, slightly parting them.

I kissed her again, harder this time the urgency building in our bodies. She returned the feeling and explored my mouth with her tongue, latching onto mine and drawing into hers. We moved around the room until we hit a solid object. I wedged her against the vanity basin. I nipped at her neckline, while my hands roamed her body. I pulled her shirt out from her skirt and reached under for a handful of breast. I pulled at it roughly until it freed.

"Stop, wait." She pulled away. I stepped back in fear,...... fear I had gone too far.

"What if someone walks in, anyone." She panted

I walked over and locked the door. I returned to my new business venture, unbuttoning her blouse while letting my tongue roam the depths of her mouth. I released her breasts from their restraints and let my hand wandered over her near naked body, touching her breasts until I rested on top of her thigh. I inched her skirt up to expose my goal. I got past her last clothing barrier and teased her. I removed my hand and wet my middle finger. I gently eased inside her as she leans back balancing on the basin

"oh yeh Kasey"

I slowly moved my finger in and out I had no rush for her to climax just yet. Her hips moved in unison with my rhythm and she was seeping out

"You starting to loosen up Jemma?" I asked casually

"Ohh yes can't you tell." Jemma moaned.

"Are you a screamer" and kissed her lips. She pulled back

"uh ha."

"Ok then lets hope the party is still going on loud."

I removed my presence and she groaned. I pulled her off the basin and turned her to face the mirror. Her breasts were just out of sight, hidden behind her opened blouse. I reached from behind and cupped them, gently massaging, lifting and squeezing her nipples. She closes her eyes and leans backwards into me. I pushed her slightly forward so she's leaning into the vanity. I hitch her skirt up and pull down her panties. I work at her buttocks and inner thigh. A little moan leaves her throat. I parted her legs and reach in between rubbing slowly at first to build up the juices again, then up the pace

"Ohh yeah, give me more." She gasps and grips onto the basin tightly.

She starts moving against my hand, her breasts bouncing free, I grab one and pull at it, squeezing it. Another gasp leaves her lips and as she looks at me in the mirror I penetrate her deeply. She lets out a cry and drops her head back. I continue my drive into her, my palm smacking on her backside. She starts to quiver

"Ohh jeez, fuck me, fuck me hard." Jemma pants "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum. don't stop Kasey." She cries out.

I change my tactical movement, removing my fingers from inside and start circling her clitoris it swells immediately

"Oh god." Jemma drops forward as the intensity slows. Just as she relaxes I force back into her and increase the pace again, wanting to rip her orgasm from its depths.

"ahhh god, now, yes yes, fuck me Kasey, fuck me." She yells, followed by her body quivering. I could feel her contracting against my hand. She slowly stands and pulls her skirt down then turns around. She takes a towel from off the rack and wipes my wet hand. She kisses me and walks to the door, then turns back to me

"thank you, I'll put in a good word for you."

I bend down and pick up her panties

"hey you forgot these."

"Your Christmas present, Merry Christmas Kasey."

"Merry Christmas Jemma." And she left.