A/N: This composition is the introduction to the Chapter Nine of "Someone Like Him" (My fic) But as I liked it (Thanks for the modesty lol) I liked to post it like a personal thought. Hope you'll enjoy it.



You see walking that twelve year old to you, he just focuses his gaze on what lies in front of him, he doesn't care about what he left behind, or what will come ahead for him as he keeps walking. His gaze turns to you, you can tell by those coal colored, beautiful dark eyes he is innocent, and he will follow the path without questions pretending to have all the answers. You are too afraid to go to him, to follow his path, because you know that if you do it you might be his answer, and he never asks questions. Somehow inevitably your paths are intertwined. He approaches to you and touches your hand telling you he forgot to do his math homework. Still that touch lingers on you and you know it won't die when he removes his hand from yours. You laugh at him and hand him your own homework, aware that you will be left with nothing to hand in when the times comes. Still you give it away so freely, when he is around you, there's no necessity of having anything else because he is your everything. He winks and hugs you with his long orange sweater that still doesn't fit him fine. In that hug you are breathless, like if all the air that goes through your lungs had been suppressed, still you can't avoid feeling for the first time alive. And that twelve year old covers your world, he defines your existence. He is big enough to occupy everything in your world, even if his small arms don't fit yet with his long sleeve. And you love that feeling, you are innocent. He caresses you and your innocence blinds you, thinking he'll always be there for you, hugging you in the middle of the green grass of the school grounds.

Then time passes, years had gone before you know, and that twelve year old is still there, walking carelessly, he is still so innocent. The only difference is that your paths are not connected anymore. He follows his without questions while you built yours without answers. His gaze focuses on new things, leaving you behind. You can see his tight orange sweater not fitting him anymore, he is to big now. To big for you. You are aware you are standing at the back of his path, knowing he never looks back. Still you stand there hoping for his gaze to turn to you and you are still blinded… but you don't damn your innocence you damn your love.