I remember a brief but interesting encounter I had with a girl called Mel, and nothing I've done since has topped it.

My employers sent me to a conference for IT gurus and Web weeners. Not my idea of fun, but it gave me a few days from work.

I rolled up on the first morning to enrol. I had a choice, 2 hours with Network Techs or 1 hour with Web Pros. So I enrolled in the 1 hour show so I could snooze the morning. Just before entering I caught sight of a woman looking at me from the enrolment desk, she smiled and walked in my direction. She introduced herself and we instantly had something in common, neither of us wanted to be here.

We were ushered into the lecture theatre and sat up the back so we wouldn't have to participate and so I could nap. The lights dimmed and the power point presentation began and I closed my eyes..

"Hey Jaimee, wake up." Came a voice in my ear. I opened my eyes and looked at my new friend

"Hey…. I'm trying to sleep." As I drifted off again I felt an arousing sensation as my thigh was being stroked. I pretended to ignore to see how far this was going to go. Mel's hand was now running down the inside, occasionally grabbing at my leg. My breath quickened at anticipation. I couldn't believe this was happening, as well as wondering what she was going to do next. She shifted her chair so she was side on to me and whispered,

"Are you a screemer Jaimee?"

"Ummm." I said in a shakey voice.

"Well I suggest you keep it down, don't want any unwanted attention now, do we?"

I nodded

She placed her hand under my shirt and rested it top of my bra. I held my breath to try and stifle my intense feeling. Her fingers were pinching and pulling at my nipple, my arousal was increasing along with my abating breaths. She slipped her hand under my bra and cupped my breast for the first time, her thumb still massaging my nipple. I wanted more, needed more so I grabbed her hand from under my top and put it to the inside of my thigh. Taking the hint she continued to rub me. I opened wider for more so she slipped inside my pants. She whispered in my ear

" want more do we."

"uh ha, yesss" I hissed.

She slipped into me and worked around and in my folds. I could feel myself spilling.

"jeez, god." I groaned.

She continued her rhythm in and around me, quickening each time. My breathing was coming in pants, I dropped my head back and grabbed the chair for support for the eruption that was building. She entered me deep, and worked me over

"cmon Jaimee, we're running out of time." She urges quietly

I was shaking, I wanted to release but couldn't, still she continued to push,

"oh god, I said again."

"shhhh, cmon now"

Mel changed tack and now massaged the nub of my clitoris which was all I could stand as I gushed over Mel's hand, I could feel myself drain away.

"Thank you ladies and gentleman for attending this session." Came the convenor's wrap up

"shit, shit" I said.

Mel just got her hand out and we straighten our selves as the lights went up. I stood up feeling a bit shakey, my legs felt heavy. I glanced over at Mel who was grinning at me. I shook my head in disbelief at what I had done, what had she done. I looked to Mel again to say something but she was gone.