We, the people of half-hearted suicidal tendancies and whole-hearted insanity, wish to proclaim that we can entertain ourselves in ways which you simple-minded, "one thought only" individuals could not possibly comprehend. We need only our personal thoughts and beliefs to remain in a state of nirvanna for hours on end. People such as you could only understand that we are "spaced out." We are wrapped in a state of bliss.

Personally, I have entered this state when I set my pen to paper. It is an incredibly ecstasy to put these thoughts to words. Some may find this action to be difficult. I do not. It comes to me as naturally as waking up in fourth period. The bliss which comes from this is as fantastic as other forms which I have learned.

I have enjoyed romances with each a redhead, a blonde, and a brunett. I have found that the most enjoyable experience was with the redhead. I enjoyed an evening of ramance under the stars. With the blonde, only heartache. With brunettes, well, we had our moments. Love has not been something which I have been good at, but I've been giving it hell.

Simple, narrow-minded individuals who cannot grasp my meaning - screw off. Understand this: this is fun and gets better every time.