The wind within the willow fronds

Whispers, whispers through the day

The river rolling on and on

Burbles, bubbles on its way

The woods hold secrets of the Fay

Deep beneath the sheltered boughs

In the patterned dappled light

Only the trained eye allows

The scene to fall on mortal sight

Faeries dancing in delight

One two, one two, the bright bluebells

Ring the tune for all to hear

Each vale and valley, dale and dell

Echoes with music clear

Faeries dancing with good cheer

And what do human eyes behold

If not the faeries' dainty dance?

Dancing leaves of brown and gold

That whirl as if in trance

They pass them by without a glance

And yet in field and shaded bower

The Little Folk still linger on

They dance with joy at every hour

Until the days are gone

They praise sweet nature, every one.

But what do traitorous humans see

A man-owned planet to be used?

Where nothing's sacred, nothing's free

Earth is there to be abused

The faeries look on, so confused.