Dreams of a dreamer

Enveloping night

Tastes cold and fresh upon my tongue

The wind whistling through the trees

Rustling the leaves

A cloak swept across the earth

The pitter patter of footsteps

Floating on the soft succulent breeze

Like the cotton balls of colourless clouds

Slowly but surely drifting away

Sailing on the sea of nature

And I'm riding on the sea

Floating off on the serenity of this


This one instance in time

That feels so right.

The roads are glistening with the

iridescent sweat of the sky.

The languid mellow beam of

the lamppost sneaking its tendrils around me

The shadows are creeping

Sifting through my world of dreams

The wind is picking up

Blowing high an inferno

And that lonely road….

But there are shadows sifting through the air

Out of the corner of my eye

Drunken shouts

And a single bark of a wayward


And as I open my window

And step into the empty abyss of space

A car with lightening bolts for eyes

Jolts me out of my reverie

It drives off

The shadows are jumping

And there's a beam flashing

This glass pane set in the frame of


Touches my cold hand

The condensation forms

A soft mist of times long gone past

And as I write all of this

My heart seeping onto paper

It doesn't stop for me

Or you

Life goes on.

and on.

and on.