He wants you
Don't let him have you
That violator of beauty
Is so much worse than I,
Hopeless romantic and general fool
Who hurts himself for the sake of art
That is all I am
But he is something far more casual
And less grandiose
But more tempting
Please don't be tempted by him,
I hear he's everything
That I am not
And more besides
He is one of my best friends
And I hate-love-hate
His every word
Because he is so much worse than I
And he does not do it for his art:
You will be cast aside
And, out of selfishness, I care for you
Because I think I loved you
And probably still do
For what the word is worth:
You ruined me
By loving me
And I'll return the favour
If you look into his eyes

With the same fervour you saw in mine
And even if it's casual
Oh so casual
I'll scream my heart out
In some distant crop
And follow Vincent
Into the sanatorium.