Make me....make me

Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Guess I'm back....well not really. I still have to use the library net...but give a sista a break. I'm trying....but I digress. Anyway another poem brought to you by me. I liked how this one turned out. Can't you tell that I'm really trying to be positive. Yea I'm a barrel of laughs to be around. ALRIGHT ALREADY!! THERE'S NO NEED TO TELL ME TO BE QUIET!!!! Read and enjoy....and quit mumbling, because I can still hear ya!

AN2:How in the Jimmy Cricket do you get the paragraphs to space???? Color me lost. I can't figure this out since they changed things around. So let me know. shoot I forgot. Nevermind.

Make me fly

To the moon and back

Make me reach

For the unattainable like that

Make me forget

My very own name

Make me think

That I'm totally insane

Make me free

Like the birds in the sky

Make me forget

All the tears I've cried

Make me yearn

For all that you are

Make me dazzle

Like a shining star

Make me hear

The echo of your voice

Make me remember

That I have no choice

Make me lie

Better yet don't

Make me scream

Like the others won't

Make me...make me

I'll do almost anything

Just make me yours

Cause I'm your's just the same