Original Date: 5-24-2005

COEUR LE OCEAN, DESTIN TANIERE: Heart of the ocean, Destiny's lair

Gasping at the rising sun
Faith's wonder, His inside pun
Wither she goes, the rays shine
On foreign soil and what's mine
The Powers know with every pose
I care for her deeply
My guiding Light and lucky star
would rest better in my keeping.

Gestures unuttered, moments golden to the core:
Her timely succor, soft footsteps, echo 'yond the ocean floor.
The harlot's cry and the dog's whimper go hand in hand
Touched by her, the desert man smiles
Whilst She roams in distant places, on every nomadic land,
'tis I who treasures o'er the earth she's christened
—every grain of sand…

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Written while in college (UGA)>>>>>>>>>>>