Unhindered Friend

A second in time
So brief, hardly seen
Over flowing silence
White static from the screen

The color develops
Rising up unsure
Developing happiness
Connecting demure

Towards the surface
Rising ever foreword
The shine converges
Edge from the sword

Color bursts forth
Undiminished in force
Bubbly nature appears
Forming no remorse

Laughing through it
Running faster
Noise undiminished
Creating no master

A dim in the noise
Slower beat of wing
A pause in breath
A lessened zing

Once bold and bright
Fades to pieces
Frozen in time
Movement decreases

The sense returns
Clouds shake their heads
Sound vibrates once more
Ice melts from the beds

Sunshine once again
Happy upon the shore
Dancing in the rain
It begins once more

Static no more
A dance of the rain
Pattern on my wall
My heart always stained

Beautiful colors
The swell of the waves
Lifting me up
Peace over the caves

Pureness in true
Caring from full
A forget me not
Our hearts in one pull