Why are you

Still here

After every time

I say I'll

Leave you

And every time you come back

With that smile and the

Way you sweet talk me

Back into

Being speechless

As you stand there and

Gaze in

Telling me you're

Gonna be there

Watching while I

Lose my focus

Lose my


But thought sabout

You and

How much I miss you

And how you leave every time

But god I just can't

Be without you anymore

Whisper in my ear how

We're exactly the same

And isn't it good

To be here together

Just like we should be

I wish you'd leave forever

But at the same time

I just want you to

Never let me go

Stay here

And keep your arms around me forever

Please don't let me go again

Don't let them be right

We've been through

Too much and

Why do you think you can do this to me

Why do I let you

Why are you the only one

Who can make me care so much

That I just can't live without you

But all these thoughts

Leave my mind

Every time you kiss me

I can't think about anyone but you

Just stay here

Where you belong