Notes About Life

AN: This was an actual note written between two best friends during math class one day. To fully understand, you'd have to know the story and about the characters. A few things I'll say:

"Emily" is not his girlfriends, she is a mutual friend

at "emily'z" party, I told this boy that I liked him

This boy was supposedly my best friend

after this note, he never talked to me for the rest of the day

"Notes About Life" is the title because I feel this not sums up my life

The bad spelling/grammar/punctuation is because this is in note form

Please note, if you were included, I changed your name.

I'm the one in Times New Roman normal, my "friend" is in Times New Roman italics.

I hope you enjoy this, in a weird, twisted, way

Do you know why I'm "mad' at you?


Do you even care?


Well, it's mostly u n emily but theres other stuff too

like wat

just wat I said to u at elimy'z party. I dont think i shud have told u


cuz I feel really jelous wen I c u n emily now. I don't no y, it just pisses me off.

well I cant help ya there go like the boy that jessica likes.

I wish it was that easy …… do you really think itz that easy?

Yea cuz I had to do that with jessica so u have to try

You actually think I haven't already fucking tried? How do u think I got over Shawn?

then do the same with me dammit

Are you even reading this? I already fucking tried!

Then keep fucking tryin cuz this can ruin both our like 5 years cuz every gurl I get with I'll have to wry bout u n I don't wanna do that

Well there not much I can do about it.

Well then try to hide it so I don't feel so dam bad

Well its not that easy for me

It is ur just not tryin

I guess im not that good at hiding things

Well I'm not tryin to be me (mean) but it mite b best fa(for) us to stay awa (away) from each oda(other)

Anytime I ever like anyone they always do shit like this to me

I no so many people that like u but u don't like them and u like people that don't like u instead u sud (should) like the people that like u and don't like the people that don't like u.

Maybe its easier for boys, but girls don't work like that. N don't go with more shit about so many people like me. the only people that like me r steve n matt.

If u wud go wid(with) 1 of them then maybe more ppl(people) will like u.

Your logic makes no fucking sense

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