A/N: Alas, the last chapter of Black Rose. Thank you so much for those of you who've read and review the story. I hope you enjoyed it, and keep an eye out for whatever I write next :D

-J. F. Versoza

.x.Black Rose.x.

Something as aesthetic as a rose does not come without pain; Savvy was exactly that. She, tainted black by the miseries of this world, kept her thorns sharp but her beauty envied without even trying. She was the black of the numerous red, the one out of the million.

Different from the rest.

She was a rose that was cut from its roots, needing to be replanted, restored. And somehow he did it. Indeed, Savvy was still Savvy, but she'd been freed. No longer did the past have her in its hold, nor was she bound by her own chains. She'd been broken into pieces, but rebuilt into something worth it. That which had held her down was now crushed underfoot, the barriers of her heart shattered. Lio had been able to make the black bud bloom…into a black rose…

Fateful day,
How could you…?
How could you know,
That I…
The Black Rose,
Could be so much in need…
In need of love,
From here on earth,
Because I've already received from above…

.x.Black Rose.x.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
I've looked at you to see myself fall

But now you lay as shattered glass
No longer a reminder of the past

Farewell to that empty feeling
Welcome, a heart that's healing

But forever I suppose
Mysteriously beautiful, a Black Rose

And in the end, she found love.

.x.Black Rose.x.

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