The Ship

This has the potential of becoming a short story. But if nobody reads or doesn't like it I probably won't post the other chapters if I ever get them written. However if all you people out there read and review and want more I'll endevor to provide.

Thank you to my friend and editor and fellowwriterDelsie who started me on my writing and helps me work out any problems I happen to be having and just keeps me going. But on to the story...

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The Ship

The storm hit. The waves pounded the beach. She stood there, alone. Watching, waiting for something to happen. She didn't know what it was. She only knew it would happen. And it would happen soon.

The wind pulled at her clothing and whipped her hair around her face. The thunder crashed across the sky and still she stood, unflinching gazing out over the sea. She had little with her, just a small bag containing her dearest possessions and change of cloths. She didn't carry her fancy dresses, her jewels or trinkets. Her guilded cage. She wouldn't need them. The billowing blouse and loose fitting breeches served her just fine. She was leaving. And she was leaving tonight.

The lightening flashed. There through the waves she saw it. A ship. The ship. She knew it without knowing why or how, but she did. As it drew closer, slicing through the crashing surf, she made out its name.