Title: Unrequited

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: This is mine. Duh.

Distribution: Tell me.

Author Notes: Comes off slashy in my opinion—definitely not.

if lighthearted jests

were reality

we would have it

soft spoken though you seem

i know your true insanity

like Firecrackers

The way you do things to me

feel the

pop pop pop

every time I see that devilishly angelic grin

setting my nerves ablaze

entrenched at the heart of the chaotic din

that is my mind

wickedness lies in your moistened lips

they know naught of it

endlessly permeates throughout your core

a psychological misfit

I've found it in every freckle that kisses your skin

Gorgeously pale and rich

oft though I think of these things

ne'er will such a day dawn

not yet have I felt the terrible sting

of a surprised refusal

internal fear, however, is rampant through me

running, bounding, staining as much of me as it possibly can

my demons, hidden by the laughter and smiling and wit

I can't catch you, you're the gingerbread man

oh how I wish I could mark




of your pale skin

gaze into your smoldering blue eyes

that light me on fire

every time I touch you

My drug.

please just taint me a little