It doesn't matter how far

Your planning on running

It doesn't matter

How fast you go

Because it's always right behind you



All you want to do

Is close your eyes so tight

You can't see

But still

They manage to get through

And all you want

Is to cur up into a ball so small

That you fall thought the cracks of the earth

Just let go

And fall into the darkness

But you can't

Because you know

That at the very bottom

Of that dark hole

Is where it is

That thing you fear most in the world

Because that's where you put it

So far

From your mind

From your heart

A place

Where you'll never see it

And you're scared

Because you know

That's where it is

That thing that asks you all the whys

Why are you crying?

Why are you scared?

Why are you sad?

Why do you have those angry red scares on your wrist?

That thing thats your pain

It's inside of you

In that black box

You hid away

To the farthest reaches of your mind

But now all you want is to be there

In that place so far

But it's sitting there



That it's only a mater of time

That you can't last

That if it waits

Just long enough

You'll be back

Because that thing

You locked away

Lives in your last sanctuary


For me

Because it knows where I live

Who I am

And that it's only a matter of time