We begin with, enjoy each day. A day comes and goes as quickly as the one before it. You must remember, once it is yesterday it will never be today again. Enjoy the time you have, because once it is gone you will never get it back. The next moral follows in line with the preceding. Once you understand your full potential, you can fully enjoy your day. Just another step to enjoying your day is living to your fullest known potential. Chill out! If you calm down and don't stress about every little thing then your day will become more relaxed, hence enjoyable. Search for adrenaline. Though this may seem contradicting, if done correctly it will not add stress to your life. Look for excitement, once your blood and adrenaline start pumping then that is the catalyst for your body to calm down, and helps you to enjoy your day. Don't purposely irritate people. If they are irritated then that makes them have a bad day, which will in turn come back to bite you in the butt. We will get to that part later. Laugh! Laughing helps you calm down, which in turn helps you enjoy your day! Pay attention to your Karma, for if you do nothing that will "bite you in the butt" then you can stay calm and enjoy your day! Remember the good times! Remember the times that made you smile, that will help you laugh, calm down, and enjoy your day! Don't steal; thievery can stress you and everyone that it affects out. That goes against number three, chill out. If you don't steal, you stay calm. Though it provides and adrenaline rush, that is an improper oneā€¦ therefore; you cannot enjoy your day when you steal. Do not commit murder. If you murder someone then you stress yourself out about getting caught and hanged. This makes other have a bad day, especially the guy/girl you have killed. Then they can't enjoy their day. Speak your mind, in moderation. You should give your opinions, but be mindful of what you say. You don't want to be chewing on your toes, because that would leave a bad taste in your mouth and make you not able to enjoy your day to its fullest. Exercise your imagination. The more you imagine the more free and relaxed you will feel. So long as you are not imagining the ways in which you could slowly and painfully die, you can enjoy your day as you put yourself more at ease. Read, if you read you are more informed, which opens doors for you imagination, which relaxes you, which helps you chill out, which in turn helps you enjoy your day. Eat chocolate; this releases a certain hormone in your brain which is directly linked to the emotion of happiness. And guess what, if you are happy you are relaxed, and if you are relaxed, you can ENJOY YOUR DAY! And last but not least, just accept fate as it is so. If you accept the things that have happened to you instead of trying to figure out why and change them, then you will be ore relaxed and happier, and more able to enjoy your day!