Halfway There

Have you ever seen the train chug up a hill?
Speed slowing, sounds screeching into your ears.
Have you ever seen the redwood fall?
Time stopping, Leaves dropping onto your head.
Have you ever seen yourself?
Halfway there, ready to quit?

Well, if you're ready...

Just do it.

Put down the pen, put away the paper,
Throw away the tissues of frustration,
Scream one last time. You're not ready,
are you?

You don't want to go on.
But you must. There's people who need it.

Well, look outside.
What do you see?

I'll tell you what I see.
I see a train depositing people at their destination
It climbed up the hill alone.
I see the seeds of new life sprouting
Another redwood growing grandly in the fallen's place
I see you, pen in hand, paper out
You can finish what you started
All you have to do is believe.