The stranger screams,

The old black hat falls.

The stranger jumps,

And away he crawls.

The rain falls dreamily,

His fire, it smolders.

Finally, it burns away,

He shall grow no older.

The stranger rides swiftly,

He rides for his life.

The soldiers come after him,

They want him tonight.

The rain falls angrily now,

It can hear the stranger sighing.

The gentle doctor knows,

That the stranger, he is dying.

The soldiers catch up now,

The stranger runs futilely.

He finds his solace in the barn,

And they burn it down cruelly.

The soldiers pull him out,

His coughing becomes violent.

With his dying breath he utters,

"Death always to the tyrants!"

The soldiers bring him back,

And bury him wooden in the ground.

A martyr he shall not become,

Now he's just another dirt mound.

More strangers are discovered,

Away they desperately try to run.

They are told, "Now you shall die

Before this day is done."

The crowd hears the drumming,

And sees the strangers on parade.

All of them want to see this done,

For their father was betrayed.

The strangers line up, one by one,

And they step up to the ropes.

Some are frightened, some will cry,

But they all have killed our hope.

The executioner pulls the lever,

And they pay for their sins.

The crowd watches, will never forget,

The strangers swaying silently in the wind.

Lives are forever changed,

Our innocence is lost.

All because of a stranger,

Who would kill at any cost.