Desire for Your Love

I know I haven't finished my other story Soul Mate but I've decided to start a second story just for fun. Warning it is Yaoi, meaning guys together with other guys! This story is going to be part of a Vampire series, so if vampires creep you out, don't read this. I was having trouble figuring out how to write the first chapter so I decided to just start with the plot and try and explain as much as I can. If anyone has questions, don't be afraid to ask.


A bird flew across the busy street sky. Dark feathers covered its body, making it look like a shadow traveling above all the lights. The bird was alone, not a single other like it was near, which was strange for birds normally flew in flocks or sometimes spotted in pairs. The bird glided lower to the ground when it turned in to an alley. Slowly its body contorted, stretching larger to the shape of a teenage man.

The guy stood straight against the wall, calmly leaning against it, waiting for the right person. He had long dark hair tied at his neck by a leather strap. His eyes were a sharp red as they narrowed at a woman passing by the alley. She wasn't that bad. She wore a skirt that was at her thighs and her shirt was sleeveless. She had rich, red curls flowing down her back and energetic dark green eyes. He decided she would be the one. He could smell her perfume from the alley, not that it was strong just his smelling was sensitive. The problem was the perfume was highly masking the scent of her blood, the red fluid coursing through her veins.

The woman paused, she had just come from a meeting with her sister and planned on going home, taking a bath, and going to sleep. He continued to read her mind to make sure that she wouldn't be late for something if he get her preoccupied for a few minutes. Allison Fredrickson worked as a part-time helper for a professor in her university and a full time job as a manager for a clothes store. He continued to read she was pretty intelligent, never messed with drugs and stayed in school. She did have a fight with her parents though about what school she would go to so she left and now only visits her two sisters, Valerie and Cadence.

That was it, she would be great. He pushed his mind into hers and commanded that she walk into the alley, non-conspicuous. Allison turned towards the alley and walked as if she were about to take a phone call in private, removing her cell phone from her purse. The man growled and realized how clumsy he was, the girl really was being called on from her cell phone.

"Hey Val. Oh you need to see me? Hmm, how about in couple of minutes," the man panicked as he listened on to the conversation. He needed this girl right now and would be in trouble if he didn't have her. He quickly and forcefully pushed his mind into hers, rushing to make her tell her sister for another day. "You know what, scratch that. Meet me tomorrow at the café, I'm tired," Allison said her goodbye then hung up her phone, stuffing it back into her purse. She was about to turn and walk away but her brain was telling her No turn around. You want to turn around and stay quiet as you see a man walk towards you.

"Allison," the man whispered lowly, trying to make sure he wouldn't attract attention. Allison turned around not looking surprised to see the man. She smiled widely, innocently, it slapped the man in the face with guilt for what he was about to do.

"Why hello there. I'm Allison Fredrickson, you?"

"Drake Sagera," Drake whispered lowly, the guilt coming in tons at the sound of her sweet, trusting voice. Maybe it was wrong to pick someone so wonderful, even though it seemed she was very healthy. Allison seemed very relaxed with Drake as she leaned against the brick wall in the alley. Drake could read her thoughts easily, she was attracted to him. Thought him the tall, dark, and handsome stranger wearing tight leather pants and a plain red shirt. He read how she wanted to see what it would be like to run her fingers through his hair and what he'd feel like inside her. In other words, she desired deeply to have sex with him.

Drake shrugged his shoulders thinking what's the harm in making her think they had sex. He'd get what he wanted and she would think that she had a wonderful time with a handsome guy she met in an alley. Sounded fair to him.

Drake sighed preparing his stomach for what he was about to do. He pushed his mind deeply into Allison's, making sure to not make a single mistake. He made her mind hazy, as if in a dream, unsure of her surroundings almost drunk in a way. He watched as she moved her head to the side leaving her neck exposed to him. He gulped down the bile that seemed to collect in his mouth at the smell of all her blood.

He thought he would be sick as he forced his fangs to lengthen as he leaned down over her exposed flesh and shoved his incisors into her vein. He wanted to spit out all the thick, red blood flowing into his mouth as he replenished the muscles in his body. Once he knew it was enough he shortened his fangs and moved a bit back from Allison. She was still in a daze, unaware of what just happened. He winced watching as more blood slowly dripped from the wound. He felt bad for poor Allison and decided not spit out the remaining blood in his mouth like he wanted to. He would respect Allison's blood and not let a single drop out.

"Thank god it's over though," Drake sighed in relief as he pulled out a handkerchief and placed it against the wound on Allison's neck. He felt terrible for putting such an injury on the sweet woman and knew that she would be a bit dizzy for a couple of hours. He decided it was the least he could do to just take her home. He wrapped his arms around her waist and easily ascended into the dark sky. He flew high just encase, so no one would be able to see him with Allison dangling in his arms.

Finally he reached the address he had read from the girl's mind and slipped into the home casually. He calmly undressed Allison and put her in what she normally wore for bed, shorts and a large T-shirt. He placed her under her large comforter and checked the wound to see if it was still bleeding. He was relieved to find the bleeding had stopped and the wound was slowly disappearing into nothing, not even a scar.

"Time to go," Drake whistled to himself before stopping himself at the middle of the room. He almost forgot, Allison wouldn't remember that he bit her but he did say that he'd make her think she had sex with him. He walked back next to her and gently pushed into her mind fully, and placed the memory of them having casual sex. After they met in the alley, she had invited him over to her apartment for some wine. After getting a bit drunk, they ended up in the bedroom. Simple and believable. "Now time to go!" Drake cheered as he jumped out of the tenth story window. He flew across the city feeling powerful and refreshed. And now he wouldn't have his mother nagging at him about not drinking in four days.

Drake started to descend from the sky when he reached a slightly isolated home from the rest of the city. It was still in the city but at the edge where the border met the forest. His home was surrounded by trees and nature something he was grateful for. He landed on the rich soil staring up at his three-story house. His family was pretty wealthy but decided to keep the home smaller than some of their relatives. Rose bushes and exotic flowers surrounded the house, colors were seen everywhere and the sound of creatures scurrying through the darkness was like music.

"Hey Drake," a voice said aloud. Drake turned to see a man, a bit taller than himself standing by a forest path, walking back towards the house. The man had tight jeans on and a loose plaid shirt. He was intimating, sinewy muscles almost bulging through his shirt. Not as big as some body builders but he was strong and looked it. Like Drake, he had long dark hair tied at his neck with a brown strap. His eyes were a deep red and seemed happy and playful.

"Hey Gregory, anything new out there?" Drake wondered looking at his only older brother through the darkness. His brother was well hidden in the shadows, cloaked in darkness where normal eyes wouldn't be able to spot him. Of course Drake didn't have normal eyes, he could easily see through the dark as if it was still noon.

Come on little brother. Use your mind. It's easy. Read the forest; find out what it's feeling and what's happening around it. Can't you feel it? It's happy, rejoicing because many of the animals have birthed their young and are now experiencing a family, Drake heard the words in his mind, seeing his brother try to push the feelings into his soul. Drake was then swamped with the feelings of delight as his brother opened his mind, sharing the feelings of the forests and creatures that resided in it.

Gregory was always better connected with the forest, Drake thought staring at his brother. Gregory turned to face the forest, basking in the pure happiness in life, he loved traveling through the trees and learning new places. He was always like that, he might become a biologist.

"That's right, I am better connected with the forest," Gregory repeated aloud, proudly opening his arms wide in invitation to the forest. He felt so carefree, just talking to his brother and standing in the serene night. The moon was curved and the stars sparkled brightly. Drake almost laughed at how childlike his brother now seemed it all happened when the man met Susan, his mate.

"I'm sure you'd rather be more connected with Susan though," Drake teased mentioning his brother's mate. Currently his brother was the only one of his siblings who found their mate. Everyone else was single and waiting. He himself couldn't wait to find a mate, to love, to talk to, to do everything mates should.

"Shut up," Gregory growled in warning, no one spoke of his mate in such a manner. No one, he would defend his mate no matter what. But his response only seemed to fuel Drake and he watched as his brother exploded with laughter.

"What's so funny?" a female's voice sounded at the entrance to the house. They turned their heads to see Elizabeth Sagera, their younger sister. She was a beautiful woman, with long dark hair, flowing behind her back in waves and intelligent red eyes that could spot anything. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a soft, silk blouse that made her look like any other woman, even if she was different.

"I'm just talking about how Gregory likes to be connected to Susan," Drake repeated, ignoring his brother's growls. He knew it was dangerous setting off Gregory but he didn't care much. He enjoyed it, and could take his brother on any time.

"Oh yes, very connected. I think the principle still remembers what you did in that school Gregory," Elizabeth teased in her own way, causing a blush to go onto her elder brother's face. She giggled knowing he still felt terrible for doing such a thing in a public place. Remember? Even when mom and dad tried to erase his memories, his mind was so strong that he kept having deja-vu.

"Stop it Liz," Gregory warned as he headed back into the forest to clear his heated head. He was furious at his siblings for reminding him of when he first started out with Susan, it was hard to deal with! He found his mate at a young age it wasn't his fault! He was only 465 at the time, how was he supposed to cope?

"You drove him away," Liz pouted at Drake in fake sadness. She knew it was mean to make fun of her eldest brother but it was so much fun, and doing it with Drake was even better. She turned to walk back inside but paused for a second remembering why she went out there in the first place. Hey, mom wants to see you right now. She said she wants to have a serious talk, dad is there too, Liz stated in Drake's mind, walking inside the house while she relayed the message. Life was so much easier speaking mentally, it really was.

Why didn't she just tell me herself? Drake wondered knowing his mother could speak to him mentally without problems. He headed towards the house, trying to see if he could catch up to his sister. It was difficult though when she didn't want to have company at the moment and so raced to her room.

Like I said, dad is there too, Liz repeated making it sound obvious that it was the reason their mother couldn't talk mentally. Drake shuddered at the scary thought. He paced himself towards the living room, unsure if his parents were still busy or not.

"Drake it's safe!" he heard his mother's soft voice call from inside the closed room. He sighed in relief as he opened the doors to find his parents a safe distance away from each other. He sat down on the couch facing his parents, wondering what he did wrong this time. "Now Drake we know how bad it tastes, but seriously son you have to drink, it isn't healthy to --- "

"Mom --- Mom! I've already had a drink tonight. This very healthy woman, so it's already taken care of," Drake answered before his parents lectured him on the importance of taking a small drink everyday. He just found the taste revolting. "I wish you'd stop treating me like a baby. I'm old enough to know when I really need a drink. I'm also old enough to go find my city and mate."

Drake's father, Matthew Sagera, was tall and strong, muscles and sinew. Much more experienced in life than his children Matthew was the person who protected the city from Vampires and any other unknown dangers. Matthew sighed in frustration as he replied, "Drake, we've told you millions of times that you're not old enough. All you would do is cause unnecessary problems for you and whoever your mate is."

"I would not! I'm old enough I can do it. I know I'll be able to handle having a mate of my own, just give me a chance."

"No, because there are no second chances when it comes to finding your mate," Danielle Sagera, Drake's mother, snapped at her son. They have been having this problem with Drake for years now. The boy was so eager to go find his city and mate. But he wasn't old enough. He just wasn't ready.

Drake was seething with anger. Upset with the fact that his parents would never believe him ready. He walked out of the living room silently, trying to keep as much dignity as he could from losing the battle to his parents. He walked up the stairs of his home and headed towards his room.

He lay down on his bed, thinking of a way to prove that he was ready to go look for his city and mate. He then thought, the only way to prove it is to do it. So it was decided, he was leaving his home to find his city and hopefully his mate.


That's the end of chapter one, I hope everyone enjoyed. I am much happier with this chapter than I was with my other attempts. I hope no one was that confused. If you were just ask me what was confusing and I'll answer it. Kay? Now review please. C ya!