Desire for Your Love


Drake stirred comfortably from sleep, stretching out only to touch the head of his little lover. He smiled contently as he turned his body and cuddled his slumbering lover against him. Zak was sleeping in blissful ignorance to the shining eyes staring at him. Drake enjoyed the feeling of just being able to hold the boy, realizing that life was finally perfect. He gazed at Zak's peaceful face, frowning as a rather enflamed wound caught his vision. He tightened his grip on his Zak, just recalling how those three deep wounds came to be.

They had meticulously planned their attack, considering Zak's safety every second of the way. They had waited a week and a half for Zak to finish his transformation before risking using the boy as bait. They practiced the plan over and over in their minds not only to ensure less danger for Zak but to give Drake solace that his mate would come back to him unharmed.

So, they had all been prepared as Drake left home and Zak completely vulnerable. The boy would go back to his room, knowing the Vampire was near and innocently crawled back in to bed. He would feign slumber always staying conscious of the Vampire's current location, using his new senses. Carey now high on revenge came as expected but when he saw the sleeping mate he knew he wouldn't have enough to sufficiently torture the boy in the this apartment.

So instead, he swiftly flew in to the room, taking hold of the sleeping figure and kidnapping him from the room. The boy hadn't been prepared for this turn of events and gave up his acting to try to fight off the powerful Vampire. His efforts were futile though as Carey tightly gripped his thin wrists ready to break them. But he thought that the pain of broken bones wouldn't satisfy him enough in his revenge. He then stared at the curve of the boy's neck, knowing it would be to easy to suck him dry and show him pain where his lover would show him pleasure. He then had a sadistic smirk plastered on his face as he sharpened his claws and as an alternative of taking blood from Zak, he had stabbed the boy with three talons enjoying the feeling, his fingers sinking deeper as blood and flesh coated his flesh. Even the boy's cries of pain were music to his ears as he relished the fact that the spot where mates' would be given the pleasure of being feed from was now this boy's agony.

Zak had tried to summon the fire to his palms but only small flickers sparked from his inexperienced new powers. He had been in so much pain, calling for Drake desperately to stop this menace from holding him. Drake had followed as best he could with his father but it still had taken him awhile to catch up. Once he did he immediately attacked Carey from behind seeing Zak jump to the floor, hissing curses to the Vampire for causing him such a wound. Drake smiled remembering Zak's bravery in the face of pain and danger.

Carey roared in outrage at being interrupted in his torture and charged for Drake, talons forward and mouth gaping. Zak not one to stand in the sidelines due to a wound, tried again to enflame his hand and was able to throw fireball after fireball to the Vampire attacking his lover. Carey didn't enjoy being attacked by the little mate so changed tactics and went for Zak again. Matthew then jumped in and threw his own powerful fire in to Carey's face.

Carey's cries were that of a monster who has lost all sane thoughts. The Vampire transformed himself in to an intimidating creature whose claws and talons were sharp, his teeth elongated and his body contorted in strange twists. He went for Matthew, breathing fire from his mouth and ready to do some heavy damage on the man. Zak realizing the danger, tried to distract the monster by continuously throwing fireballs, finally pissing it out enough to forget Matthew and go for him again.

Zak was ready and from extensive practice after realizing he had a powerful mind, he was able to enter the Vampire's grotesque mind and force him to change back in to the less threatening form. Carey was furious and tried attacking again but Zak forced his mind still not allowing Carey any free reign over his body and was frozen. Now defenseless Zak sent out an array of fireballs in vengeance for his poor abused throat.

Drake eventually pitied Carey enough to end the battle and had ripped the Vampire's heart swiftly from his chest and threw it to the ground. Zak, bless the boy's good heart, had grimaced at the gory sight but had gone to work trying to burn the dark organ to ashes while Drake disposed of the body with his own flames. But that had not finished the fight of the day. Drake had a few choice words to say to Zak about running away when he was about to be injured and Zak added a few crude words of his own about not wanting to let the bastard get away and how the wound would heal in a day.

Drake sighed, that was only five hours ago and he found he couldn't stand the sight of the lacerations on his lover's pale skin anymore. He gently kissed one of the gashes, hearing the boy hiss in pain and automatically woke up. Zak made a tired sigh as he opened his eyes to the Half-Vampire before him knowing that he was still mad at him about allowing himself to get injured.

"It'll be gone by sundown, Drake," Zak whined in pain as the man lick at another cut. "Can't you wait till nighttime? Ouch! You're hurting me!" Zak hissed again, only to feel Drake come up and bring their lips together in a passionate kiss. Through the urgency of the kiss, Zak could sense Drake was trying to be as careful with Zak as possible. Always the considerate lover Drake replaced Zak's pain with as much pleasure as the little body could withstand.

"I would feel much better if I could take you to my parents and have mom do something for it," Drake confessed against Zak's lips, coercing the boy to agree with him which, thank god, worked! But they would not leave unless Zak was able to shape shift himself. "Just imagine what you wanna be in your mind, concentrate on it, hold it inside until you become it then let loose," Drake instructed on their balcony, his body contorting and twisting in to that of an owl. Zak nodded and tried an owl also but once he got through the pain of his body stretching his wound in different way to fit the form of the owl he was able to hear the unbearable laughter coming from Drake. He looked down at himself to find he did turn himself in to an owl but, I'm afraid it is rather rare for someone to see a Snowy Owl in this big city, Drake finished Zak's train of thought, still chuckling at the sight before him.

Oh shut up. No one will notice the difference, Zak answered indignantly jumping on to the balcony using his instincts to maneuver his new bird body. He was a quick learner in the art of flight and in no time was soaring through the skies, laughing and enjoying the freedom. It was so invigorating, knowing you could fly anywhere free, knowing that the skies were your domain. Zachary now knew why birds and other wild animals didn't like being caged, ripped of their freedom. He was living it up, being bold with intricate swerves and flips, testing the predator's body.

Suddenly a large shadow loomed over Zak and he realized it was his overprotective lover warning him to stop the stunts. Zak begrudgingly ended his fun but not before he playfully body slammed Drake from the side. Fly low in the trees, we don't want anyone noticing us, Drake ordered, using his larger stature to push Zak downward towards the earth. Zak cried in agitation as he flew out of Drake's way and sped up. Zachary!

Stop being a freaking drama queen. Do you really think poachers are out at this time and for owls? Zak snapped irritated with the orders that seemed senseless. The sooner they arrived to Drake's parent's house the better. Am I not allowed to enjoy what you turned me into?

Of course you can enjoy being a Half-Vampire but that doesn't mean you can throw away caution, Drake instructed trying to force Zak lower again. Zak glared daggers in his owl form then tried something even bolder. He sped down to the ground then in a flash his owl body began twisting and contorting in to that of a cheetah, with sinewy legs he dashed across the forest floor, gaining a head start. Damn it, Zak! What are you doing? Drake hissed copying the transformation in to a larger cheetah, dashing full force towards his wayward lover.

Having fun, Zak laughed enjoying the chase. He pushed himself even harder than he should've and could feel his wound slowly stretching wider on the cheetah's body. He sighed at the sudden growled response to his pain and stopped running, not wanting the injury to open up anymore. The second he slowed down a larger cheetah popped out next to him and immediately went for his neck. He then felt a rough tongue scraping his cut, trying to clean the fur. Ouch, damn it Drake! That hurts!

His lover decidedly ignored his complaint and began pushing him in the direction of the Sagera home. The smaller cheetah defiantly growled but began walking in the direction anyway. Before he knew what was happening the big cat behind him pushed him down to the lower, lightly biting his side then taking off in to the trees. Zak smiled inside the feline and took off after his attacker keeping his senses wide open to his surroundings. Once he caught up to Drake, he non-to-gently slammed himself against the fleeing cat.

The two cats rolled around in the dirt just enjoying their play time. Soon enough the larger cat was able to pin the feline to the ground, roaring in victory. "Alright you stinkin' He-man, you win!" Zak yelled annoyed, trying to hide the smile that was fighting to be seen. He had quickly transformed back to normal, unafraid of the harmful claws that were still occupying Drake's paws. Drake followed in suit and was once again a man resting on top of his lover. "We ain't far from your house so we can walk," Zak announced pushing Drake to get off him.

"Where is my prize for pinning you?" Drake inquired leaning close to Zak's face, ignoring the hands that were stubbornly trying to push him away. Zak glared, seemingly peeved, but easily gave in and closed his eyes in wait for the kiss he knew Drake wanted. When one didn't occur he opened his eyes, questioning Drake for his lack of action. "I want my kiss from you. It's a prize it should be given, not taken," Zak glared in frustration, hating to be the one who had to initiate any affection. It was still embarrassing. But Drake only gave him a very satisfied look and copied his gesture by closing his own eyes.

Zak growled, and then smirked as he plotted his revenge that would also mesh with the damn reward. So he slowly leaned upward to kiss his over-confident lover but then surprised the man by using his newfound strength to flip their positions, so his smaller frame lay on top of Drake's. Suddenly, he heated the kiss, urging Drake's mouth open with his tongue and biting his lower lip. Drake moaned at the passionate seduction his little lover was playing. His own hand tried snaking around Zak's waist but before the action could continue, where he would relieve his sudden hard-on, Zak bounced off of him.

Drake stared confused at Zak, his body hot and ready to play but his cruel lover only turned around and strolled off. "We're going to be late Drake. You got your little reward now let's go," Zak smirked, showing Drake that all that passion was just a tactic and the boy had no plan to continue what he started.

"You are a little devil Zachary," Drake stated before smiling in sadness and standing to follow the boy to his parents' home. Zak laughed pausing to wait for his frustrated lover.

"Come on, we're supposed to be getting me healed not doing shit in the forest," Zak reminded as he showed off his wound. It was healing nicely the blood had already clotted but Drake still winced and couldn't wait to have his sister to take a look at it. "I seriously wish you wouldn't worry so much about stuff like this," Zak sighed covering the cut again. He felt a gentle hand on his cheek and stared in to caring eyes.

"I love you Zachary and I don't want an injury anywhere on your body," Drake confessed, cupping Zak's face to try and make him understand.

"Yeah well, things happen and I could get hurt," Zak avoided eye contact trying to pretend that was really a proper response to Drake's statement.

"I love you Zachary," Drake pushed a bit harder, watching as a pinkish tint spread through Zak's cheeks.

"Come on you can't expect me to say it, can you?" Zak muttered trying to evade the answer Drake wanted. He was forced in to eye contact with Drake again and saw the seriousness in his lover's eyes. That's right, Drake was his lover. He felt a deep attraction for this man, deeper than any he could feel with anyone else he knew that. He didn't hate the man, hell, he actually liked him. But he's known him no longer than two weeks and a couple of days, could he really say he loved the man? He could tell Drake was waiting anxiously for his response and he felt a smile coming on. "I can't tell you right now," He said feeling bad for the sudden frown that came to Drake's face. "Cheer up, man. You have me for an eternity to try and make me tell you," Zak encouraged lifting himself on to his tiptoes to kiss the man he knew he would certainly love fairly soon. And that seemed to be exactly what Drake needed to put a gentle smile on his face as they continued their trek to the Sagera mansion.


Okay, this is how far as I'll go with these two. I do love Drake and Zak and hate to see this end but that's it. I hoped everyone enjoyed them. Has anyone noticed Zak cursed close to nothing in this chapter? He's already mellowing down! I'll miss this story but so long guys, have fun!