Chapter Twelve

.:Long Lost Love:.

"Dee…" she breathed. Nesrin blinked several times, making sure her eyes weren't deceiving her before she took a few steps towards him, enough to cover the gap that had separated them. Her hand reached up to graze over his facejust to be sure he was real.

Time hadn't been unkind to him. He was an inch or two taller than she remembered and his hair was just starting to get too long. His shoulders seemed broader and she could see the outline of the new muscles that his forest green tunic hid. If there was one thing she was looking for that had remained the same it was his eyes.His golden eyes remained untouched by time.

"Hello, love," Dee said just as breathlessly.

"I'm dreaming," she said, part of her still refusing to believe that he was actually there, standing right in front of her.

"Well, if you're dreaming then so am I."

"You came for me," she said with the small hint of disbelief.

A small smile crept onto Dee's lips. "I promised you I would."

His hand reached up to cup her face and she found herself leaning into it.

"It took you long enough," she said with a small pout. Damian laughed lightly, and instead of replying, he chose to kiss her instead. His lips brushed lightly over hers and she stiffened, obviously in shock, but the way Dee ran his hand up and down her spin helped her to relax against him. The kiss was the last thing she expected him to do and it knocked the pout off her lips faster than words would have but left her feeling slightly dazed.

"I've got to get you home," he said while his thumb began to softly trace her lips. "Preferably before your father sends his guards out to find and kill me." Nesrin laughed at this until Damian, yet again, captured her lips with his.

Micah found himself looking around at anything, trying not to stare at the two in front of him. When he truly felt uncomfortable, and couldn't stand it any longer, he cleared his throat rather loudly, causing Nesrin and Dee to turn their attention toward him while catching up on much needed breath. "Hi," he said with a nod of his head, directing the greeting towards Dee.

Nesrin's emerald eyes widened when she realized she had forgotten about Micah. "Oh! Micah this is Dee. Dee this is Micah," she stated with a broad smile.

Micah held out a hand and Dee took it. Micah gave him a friendly smile, although the look he was getting from the Fairy screamed hostile.

"Oh, so you're Dee," Micah began. "She talks about you a lot."

"Really?" Dee asked, half surprised and half worried about what she could have told the Human.

"No." Micah answered simply, folding his arms across his chest.

Both the Human and Fairy seemed to have taken an immediate disliking to one another.

Nesrin gave Micah a warning glance before turning back to Dee. "He saved my life," she added, and that hostile look faded remarkably fast to appreciation.

"I'm sure you would have been fine," Micah said, trying to wiggle out of being the center of this new topic.

"Oh, yes. Freezing to death would qualify as fine," she replied facetiously.

"Alright, so maybe you wouldn't have been completely fine."

Nesrin raised a perfect eyebrow.

"Ok, fine. I saved your life. Happy now?"

"Yes." The three became uneasy when they couldn't think of anything else to talk about that would keep the lightheartedness of a 'conversation' around them. "Maybe we should head back to the house since it's getting dark. Unless you two planned on leaving now."

Both Fairy's glanced up at the darkened sky as if they hadn't noticed until he had brought it up. Then Nesrin's innocent yet pleading emerald eyes fell upon Micah.

"You wouldn't mind?"

He smiled a genuine smile while shaking his head. "Not at all."

"It's been six years, Dee! Or Damian! Or whatever your name is now!" Nesrin exclaimed, being the first to walk through the front door. They had made it half way to the house when Dee posed the question of why she left the sanctuary of Silver Glade. Something in Nesrin snapped after the question and she wouldn't stop yelling at him. Micah wisely chose to remain silent and a good twenty feet behind the feuding Faires.

"Nesrin, everyone called me Dee when I was younger. It's not like I made up some secret identity," Dee explained, entering the house behind her. He watched her pale and then stumble as she attempted to make her way deeper into the house where she could sit on the bed while narrowly avoiding hitting a wall, instead, tripping over the chair that had been leaning against it. Dee quickly reached her side. He righted the chair and forced her to sit in it as he stood over her, golden eyes laced with worry. "What's wrong with you?"

"Let's just say I should have listened to you about the drinking," she mumbled, bracing her head in her hands as she waited for the wave of dizziness to pass.

Dee's eyes widened before he whirled around to face Micah who stood in the doorway, yet to fully enter the house. "You let her drink?!" he accused in a thunderous tone that made Micah take a few steps back to where he was almost backed out of his own house.

"No!" he denied. "I didn't! She got drunk on her own," he replied in his defense, folding his arms across his chest while his gaze flicked from Nesrin, to Dee, and back to Nesrin again, waiting for her to admit it and get him out of the line of fire with her betrothed.


Since he got the feeling he wouldn't live to see tomorrow if he stayed in her line of sight, Micah backed the rest of the way out of the house and refused to reenter. Dee just slowly turned back to face her and his gaze latched onto her blazing emerald eyes.

"Fine. I lied," he said simply. "Are you happy, now?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Nesrin bowed her head and slowly shook it before whispering, "No."

Dee fell to his knees, folding her hands in his. "What else do you want me to say, Nesrin? I could say I'm sorry a thousand times and it would never be enough, would it?" he pointed out while his thumb began to trace little circles on her hand.

"You left me, remember?" Nesrin choked out, pulling one of her hands from his grasp to wipe the tears from her cheeks.

"I told you I would come back for you," Dee reminded her while he wiped away the tears she missed with the pad of his thumb.

She quickly stood and moved away from him after he touched her, putting the chair between them. "But thanks for not telling me who you really were! YOU'RE the whole reason why I ran away! I didn't know I was marrying you!"

Dee cocked his head to the side and a curious gleam entered his eyes while a small smirk found its way to his lips. "Would you have stayed if you knew you were marrying me?"

"Of course I would have!"

There was nothing but silence after her outburst. Dee suddenly began smiling and it finally clicked in Nesrin's mind what she had actually admitted to.


She clasped both of her hands over her mouth to make sure she could say nothing more without thinking it through first.

Dee once again raised a perfect eyebrow before lifting the chair and casting it aside so there was no longer a buffer between them. He walked the few feet that still separated them and didn't stop until their faces were mere inches apart. He reached out a hand and let his fingers slowly comb through her golden hair.

"Would you marry me now that you know the truth? Now that you know who and what I am?" he asked in a whispered, seductive tone.

It took Nesrin a moment to find her voice.


Dee smiled once more before covering her lips with his. When they finally broke apart, Nesrin was looking at him strangely as her fingers lightly pushed over his cheek.

"What?" Dee asked and Nesrin's eyebrows furrowed.

"What happened to you?" Her fingers, though still brushing lightly over his skin, passed over a bruise that was still quite painful and made him wince. It was then that he realized he still carried the marks of the fight he had had with his brother back at Silver Glade.

"Good thing Fairies heal fast," he said, knowing it would take someone to be as close to him as Nesrin was now to spot the remnants of the cuts and bruises he had sustained.

"That doesn't answer my question. In fact, it adds more to it."

Dee thought fast as he tried to think a way around telling her the full truth behind the fight. "Oh…just got into a little argument with my brother."

Full understanding entered her emerald eyes. "Ah…Sorry to say this, but I don't like him very much."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better," he began while snaking his arms around her waist. "Neither do I."

Concern was evident from her features and it caused Dee to tighten his grip on her. "Actually it worries me since—"

"Nesrin?" Dee cut in, leaning close until their lips almost touched.


"Shut up," he ordered.

"Okay," she whispered in reply before his lips met hers.

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